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According to Tejarat News, the capital market ended its work today while the total stock market index rose by 18,939 units and stood at a height of 1,598,000 units, rising by 1.20%.

On the other side of the market, the equal-weight total index, which represents the small and medium-sized symbols of the market, also went up by 8,924 units and reached the level of 482,124 units with a growth of 1.89%.

On this day, the free floating indices of the first market and the second market rose by 1.22%, 1.45% and 0.90%, respectively.

It should be mentioned that in the over-the-counter market, the total index of this market faced growth today and reached a height of 20,267 points with an increase of 51.95 points.

Effective symbols

Today, the symbols of Foolad, Khodro, Femli, Kegel, Shasta, Webmelet and Vepasar had the most positive impact on the overall stock market index. Meanwhile, Khodro, Khasapa, Khagstar, Vetjarat, Shasta, Vepasar and Webmelt were the most traded stock symbols.

At the same time, Bepas and Keghar symbols had the most negative impact on the total OTC index, and Aria, Di, Damavand, Khadizal and Faghdir symbols had the most positive impact on this index. It should be noted that Vakbehman, Wolbehman, Frabourse, Sharum, Chakhzar, Qachar and Kerman were the most traded symbols of the exchange.

Transaction value

Today, the total value of Tehran Stock Exchange transactions reached 10,416 billion Tomans, and the over-the-counter exchange witnessed transactions with a total value of 5,000 billion Tomans.

However, the value of small market transactions (stocks + preemptive rights + mutual funds) reached eight thousand and 570 billion tomans on this day. Based on this, 55% of the total value of today’s market transactions was the share of small transactions.

Inflow and outflow of money

Today, the capital market witnessed the entry of money into stocks. In such a way that the real ones brought more than 709 billion tomans to the market. Meanwhile, the fixed income funds experienced an outflow of more than 762 billion tomans of real money today. People of the capital market hope that with the withdrawal of money from fixed income, real liquidity will move to the stock market.

Popular groups

Today, most of the market pawns faced the arrival of real money and the increase in the volume of transactions. In the meantime, the automobile group, which has been the focus of investors for several days, experienced booming transactions today and witnessed the arrival of real money. Banking and cement groups were also among the most popular in today’s market.

It should be noted that the free market of the dollar has witnessed a price change today and experienced an increase. Meanwhile, the price of the agreed dollar has returned to the channel of 38 thousand tomans.

Experts had predicted that the stock market would grow again after passing the short correction period, and it seems that the return of the dollar to the increasing profit circuit has provided the necessary momentum for the stock market to start growing again. But how long will this process continue?

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