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According to Tejarat News, field observations show that banks refuse to pay loans related to the housing sector. This issue is also related to the facilities related to the national housing movement. Applicants say that when applying for this facility, the banks say that they do not have enough financial resources to pay.

According to Article (4) of the Housing Production Leap Law, “Banks and non-banking credit institutions are obliged to allocate at least 20% of their payment facilities every year with the interest rate approved by the Money and Credit Council to the housing sector, so that in the first year of the implementation of the law, at least 360 One thousand billion tomans of facilities for the units subject to this law should not be less, and for the coming years, the minimum facilities should be increased by increasing the percentage of Sadr al-Zekar in accordance with the annual inflation rate.

This is while the statistics show that in the first year, 18% and in the second year, 17% of the legal obligation of the banks in paying the facilities of the National Housing Movement was realized, and in total, the performance of the banking system in providing facilities to the National Housing Movement was 17.5%.

Some experts say that the participation of banks in projects related to the housing sector may stimulate their enthusiasm for granting resources and facilities in this area. But to what extent can this opinion be practical and have a positive effect in advancing the construction of supportive housing?

Does the participation of the banking system in the national housing movement bring results?

Mansour Ghaibi, a housing expert, told Tejarat News about this: “This issue cannot be implemented, which means that an obligation will be created for the bank, which will stop it from providing resources.”

He added: “On the other hand, the goal of the implementation of the National Housing Movement Plan is to make eligible people become homeowners; In the meantime, banks playing as investors will make them demand their profit from the final user in the future, or they will take this capital out of people’s pockets again through the government.

This housing market analyst added: “Also, the banks end up owning a part of these built units, but these units were not built with the aim of delivering to the banks.”

Does the law allow banks to invest in construction?

Ghaibi also said: “Legally, banks are prohibited from development, purchase and participation in construction and investment. This legal restriction binds the hands of the banking system. The banking system needs a legal license to invest in real estate. The recommendation of the law is that banks should continue to offer their real estate capital in order to adjust the price system in the housing market.

This housing market analyst added: “We cannot bring banks back into the construction game with the aim of using bank resources at their disposal and participating in construction. That is, the presence of banks in the position of investors and participants is not approved in any way, because the participation of banks in these matters leaves the hands of banks open to receive money from users in installments and directly or through intermediaries under the pretext of investing in construction. The government should take money from people’s pockets again in the form of installments. In the third case, he may claim to receive an apartment instead of his capital share.

Why do banks enter the housing sector?

This housing expert explained about Iran’s banking system and its position regarding housing facilities: “The banking system is one of the most ruthless economic systems in the society, which prioritizes the interests of the banking system and is not satisfied with the financial, credit, and cooperative costs of organizing housing in the country. . Therefore, we cannot rely on banks in this area. Banks tend to invest in projects where there is a guarantee of return of money and profit.

Therefore, the idea of ​​banks’ participation and being a beneficiary in the National Housing Movement project does not seem very promising, and the government should look for a way to finance banks and direct them to the housing sector; A sector that has been going through a chaotic situation in various dimensions for a long time and the continuation of this situation will close the doors of salvation on it!

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