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The environment should be considered regardless of political issues

Vice President on a trip to Jeddah:

The environment is universal and knows no borders, and regardless of political, cultural and economic issues, it should be taken into consideration by all countries and steps should be taken to protect it with joint cooperation and unity.

According to Moj news agency, while the head of the protection organization the environment He has traveled to Jeddah, where he has had large and even bilateral meetings with the ministers of neighboring countries, as well as at international levels and of course the Islamic world.

These days, the biggest problem affecting the environment is lack of rainfall, climate change, dust and drought, which requires cooperation among all countries, peoples, and ethnicities, because the environment does not know Marzoboom, and apart from any political, cultural, social, etc. issues. . And. It deals with the life and soul of humanity and as a trust in the hands of the world today, it is important for future generations.

Ali Selajqa, Vice President and Head of the Environmental Protection Organization, went to Jeddah – Saudi Arabia to participate in the “Ninth Meeting of the Ministers of the Environment of the Islamic World” in order to address the meeting and meet with the ministers of the environment of the Islamic world about environmental issues and emphasize the universality of the environmental issue. And there is a need for joint cooperation to protect that dialogue.

This is not the first time that the head of the Environmental Protection Agency has traveled for the environment and building alliances. From domestic trips to the north and south, east and west of the country to Sri Lanka, Iraq, Syria, etc. Discussions have been held for joint actions in which various issues including climate change, reduction of precipitation, dust, lowering of sea level, melting of polar ice, sinking of some countries under the sea, etc. have been held. Is mentioned.

In all these meetings, cooperation between countries was pointed out and emphasized with the existing environmental problems, which brought positive results, and according to the agreement and agreement between countries, experts were dispatched and experiences were transferred to solve environmental problems, including dust and pollution. Climate and exchange of knowledge and information ended.

The biggest meeting that took place for direct communication between countries was the international summit on dealing with dust storms on the 18th and 19th of September, hosted by Tehran and led by Iran, with the presence of 55 countries and international agencies. A survey of dust and climate change was taken.

Among the effects of this summit, we can increase cooperation in adaptation, management and dealing with dust storms at cross-border, regional, sub-regional and international levels, strengthening national legal frameworks and organizational frameworks in order to share information and data on dust storms and increase awareness among public opinion. , decision-makers and the dissemination of coordinated actions and integrated cooperation, supporting the creation of a regional financial fund for the West Asian region to deal with dust storms, in line with the statement of the ministers at the 2022 Tehran Summit, which with the voluntary participation of members, governmental and non-governmental organizations, the private sector, institutions Development, regional development banks will be for the implementation of sub-regional and regional action plans and… he pointed out.

Now, after the regional and international communications, the vice president’s trip is to talk and communicate with the environment ministers of the Islamic world; Because environmental awareness is the only way to change attitudes and create sustainable values ​​such as justice, equality, contentment, respect for nature, the rights of humans and other living beings, which fortunately have existed in the religious and cultural teachings of the Islamic world for a long time and are completely in accordance with the principles of development. It is stable and can be considered as an efficient model.

In this meeting, emphasis is placed on the human institution of the environment, the strengthening of the environmental higher education sector, climate change and its consequences, etc., and it is very important. It is hoped that with the increase of joint cooperation regarding the environment, this trust will reach the hands of future generations better than the past.

Ali Selajqa, Vice President and Head of the Environmental Protection Organization, left for Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to participate in the “Ninth Meeting of Environment Ministers of the Islamic World”.

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