Reconstruction of the murder scene of Dariush Mehrjooi and his wife with the presence of the killer

According to ISNA, it was announced in the news this morning that the killer of Dariush Mehrjooi and his wife Vahida Mohammadifar has been arrested. The news that everyone was waiting for from the very first minutes of the news of the murder of this movie director and his wife.

After the announcement of the arrest of the killer, the journalists were informed that the reconstruction of the murder scene would be held today at noon in the Zibadasht residential area in Fardis Karaj, a matter that caused more than twenty reporters and photographers from different media to attend this place, but in the end After about five hours, it was announced that journalists are not allowed to be present at the scene and prepare a report on the reconstruction of the murder scene, and only the Sedavasima reporter was able to be present at the scene.

From around 17:00 today, the journalists present in front of the entrance of the residential area where Dariush Mehrjoui lives were faced with the arrival of a significant number of intelligence police forces and vehicles, identity recognition teams, special units, etc. An issue that indicated the beginning of the reconstruction of the scene of the murder on the spot, and of course, it was also approved by some police commanders.

Currently, the journalists are present in front of Zibadasht residential settlement.

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