The explanation of the spokesperson of the Football Federation to Tasnim about the selection of the head coach of the national team

According to the sports reporter of Tasnim news agency, after the meeting yesterday (Tuesday) of the Board of Directors of the Football Federation, Ehsan Usoli, the spokesperson of the Football Federation, announced that the head coach of the national football team was discussed in this meeting. This is despite the statements of the spokesperson of the Football Federation about yesterday’s meeting and the investigation of the issue of the head coach of the national team, the follow-ups show that there was no discussion about this in the meeting of the board of directors, an issue that Tasnim news agency addressed in a report today. (Article link) In this regard, in an interview with Tasnim, Ehsan Usoli has provided explanations regarding this matter and the ambiguities that have arisen, which you can read below.

Usoli stated: Following yesterday’s meeting of the Board of Governors, I had an opportunity to give an explanation during the meeting, which was a misunderstanding about the topics of the meeting. In the meeting, the women’s national team was discussed. Also, there were other items in the agenda that were supposed to be discussed, but there was no time in terms of time. Friends had some misunderstanding about the head coach of the national team. While it was supposed to be discussed about the senior national team, this did not happen. At the beginning of yesterday’s explanation of the meeting, I first talked about the women’s national soccer and futsal teams, and I wanted to say “it will be discussed” about the adult (men’s) national team, but it’s like I said “it has already been discussed”. Of course, I have not seen the video of my interview yet.

He pointed out that there was supposed to be a discussion between the members of the Board of Directors, but this did not happen. For this reason, things are being done in technical discussions so that friends in the board of directors can make decisions for the national team and Omid team, which are important issues. Because the women’s team had one mission on 6 Bahman and one mission in early Bahman, it was necessary to form women’s teams, and this caused the issue of women’s teams to be addressed. Also, the discussion of two extraordinary assemblies of the federation, which are scheduled to be held on February 8 and March 27, was discussed.

The spokesperson of the Football Federation pointed out the discomfort of the journalists due to the non-attendance of the members of the board of directors for the interview after yesterday’s meeting and added: Personally, the members of the board of directors and the directors of the football federation are grateful to all the media and journalists and that we always have them by our side. , is a principle for us. Yesterday, after the board members had gone for lunch, I came to the football academy to talk to the media colleagues, but everyone had already arrived and no one was there. I even came with Mr. Taj’s insistence to be in the company of media friends, but they had already arrived and even though they were waiting in front of the door yesterday, I apologize to them. We have always thanked the people of the media, and now we consider ourselves accountable to all the media and public opinion, and we believe that any contradictions should be avoided. This has been my approach as the spokesperson of the Football Federation in the one year that I have this responsibility, and I decided to always follow this principle. I have to thank all media friends who work for national football and the federation.

He also said about the latest state of the selection of the head coach of the national team: technical, statistical and information discussions for the selection of the head coach of the national team are being sorted according to the available data, and the result will be sent to the Board of Directors for decision. For the head coach of the national team, many variables play a role, which must be specified and presented to the board of directors to make the best decision.

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