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According to Tejarat News, read the important information about Iran Khodro’s extraordinary sales extension.

Iran Khodro Industrial Group announced in an announcement: due to the slowness of the online sales site of this company’s products due to the traffic of applicants and in order to honor the customers, the implementation time of the special sales plan has been extended until Sunday (January 25).

After fixing the problem yesterday, due to the high traffic of customers to register on the Internet sales site of Iran Khodro products, this site has faced slowness and a large number of applicants are waiting in line to enter the site.

Currently, despite the slowness, the registration is being done and only today nearly 600,000 applicants have succeeded in initial registration.

This announcement adds: Customers should not worry about missing the registration time and due to the extension of the sales plan until the end of Sunday, January 25th, they should not be in a hurry to register, and in case of slowness and failure to enter, they should visit the site at another time. See sales.

In the extraordinary sales plan, four dual-fuel Soren Plus products, customized Pars Sal ELX, customized Pars Sal with XU7P engine and Ranaplus have been offered.

What is the price of Peugeot Pars?

The price of Peugeot Pars this year is 480 million tomans in the open market today, January 19. Meanwhile, the factory price of this car is only 209 million Tomans.
Based on this, the price difference between the factory and the open market of Peugeot Pars is about 271 million tomans. More than twice.P

In other words, with the free market price of Peugeot Pars, you can buy two subsidized cars from Iran Khodro in the free market. This is the same criticism that comes to car manufacturers’ super sales and pre-sale plans. Because only a limited number of people can use this rent and subsidy and others are deprived of this privilege of 271 million.

This price difference also exists for other cars. The price of Soren Plus is 281 million Tomans in Iran Khodro’s special sales plan. Meanwhile, the open market price of Soren Plus has been announced today, January 18, at 486 million tomans.

This means that the price of the open market and Soren Plus factory is 205 million tomans, and the winners of this car can benefit from the profit or a free loan of 205 million from Iran Khodro.

The price of Rana Plus in Iran Khodro’s new special sales plan has been announced at 215 million tomans, while the open market price of Rana is 435 million tomans. The price difference between the factory and the free market of this car is exactly double and they have a difference of 220 million.

In continuation of the plans for immediate pre-sale and special sales of two domestic car manufacturers, Iran Khodro has started its new plan from today, January 18, and this plan will continue until January 20.

In this plan, four popular products of this car manufacturer, including Soren Plus dual-fuel, Peugeot Pars year custom (ELX), Peugeot Pars year custom with XU7P engine and Ranaplus are offered. But what is the price of each of these cars?

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