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Hijab exists in human nature and is not only for Islam – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr News Agency, Gholam Ali Haddad Adel, a member of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, said in a special news interview program about the statement of the members of the Supreme Council of the Revolution about the hijab: This statement is an aspect of expressing principles and views, and it is of policy rather than legislation, as the Supreme Council of the Revolution A culture primarily makes policies and legislation is in the power of the parliament, such institutions implement laws based on policy making, that’s why we did not want to go into the basics of implementation in this statement.

He continued: More than the hijab being a legal matter, it is a matter of belief and truth that goes back to the world of culture, belief and vision, and this statement emphasizes this aspect.

The Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, referring to the issue of the discovery of the hijab, said: The discovery of the hijab goes back to the constitutional era, when the society faced western modernity, in the constitution there was an opportunity to express issues that the society was lagging behind, in the fields of science, economics , industry, politics and also the issue of women. The issue of women entered the political and cultural discourse of Iranian society, and most importantly, hijab was placed on the agenda until in 1314, the veil was forcibly removed from women’s heads. At that time, women could not leave the house for years and had to visit their families. Move from the rooftops in the middle of the night.

Haddad Adel added: Between the years 1320 and 1357, the violent form of confronting the hijab faded and became more of a cultural form, when the Islamic Revolution won, the natural expectation of the pious people of Iran was that they would think about nudity, because the Islamic government He was committed to Sharia issues, that’s why the issue of hijab came up and has continued ever since.

A member of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution said: Hijab is not specific to Islam. In various divine religions, hijab is considered to be part of human nature because humans are created in such a way that they have the instinct of shame and modesty. The primitive tribes did not have any sign of civilization and chose to wear it to enter the civilized society. they did.

He continued: The maturity of social life made people move towards shame and modesty. Thirty years ago, I went on a trip to New York and together with one of my friends we visited one of the Jewish high schools for girls in America. There were many robes in the principal’s office. It was hanging high, when I asked the reason for it, they said that we have certain standards and no one can violate those standards. These robes are intended for those who do not consider the standards and come to school, these robes were given to them. We let them wear it, then we discuss it with the families so that the necessary reforms can be made.

Haddad Adel stated: In Iranian society, if you go back to the past, you will not find an intuitive case in history that indicates the interest of the Iranian people in nudity.
A member of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution said about the implementation of the goals of the statement of the members of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution: the statement of the members of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution is a general framework and should not be considered as a resolution overseeing the implementation by the council, in this framework various regulations can be applied and this lack Entering into details is due to the subtleties that exist in the subject of hijab.

He said about the reason for observing hijab: To explain to a Muslim who believes in God, perhaps this is enough that it is God’s ruling and the issue of hijab is mentioned in the Qur’an, verses and hadiths of Islamic societies, and it is not a matter of difference between Shia and Sunni, the philosophical understanding of the issue of hijab It is not very difficult, based on this, if sexual relations are not to be unrestrained, nudity and unrestrainedness should not be promoted in hijab, because in this way it is not possible to set rules for sexual relations and it will lead to many effects such as the collapse of families.

The member of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution added: In societies where nudity is more common, the family has lost its meaning. In Islam and other religions, marriage is not just a legal contract. It is true that it must have a framework, but it is a sacred matter. Hajj is obligatory for men to pray two rakats of Nisa prayer near the house of God, and if this prayer is recited incorrectly, the man’s shari’a wife will be forbidden to him.

He continued: Therefore, marriage and family are sacred in the verses of the Qur’an, but in the West, marriage is a means of seeking pleasure, and its meaning has been reduced, if wisdom is emphasized above procreation and childbearing, the statistics of Western countries show that the percentage of children The abuser is constantly increasing.

Addressing the women’s community, Haddadadal said: If the Islamic Republic wanted to have a hassle-free government, it should have said from the beginning of the Islamic Revolution that it would not enter into the hijab debate, but why did the Islamic Republic enter this field that is under attack from both inside and outside? Before this issue benefits the government, it benefits the families, because if nudity becomes widespread, the smoke will go to the eyes of women, if the relationship between men and women is unaccountable, the family will no longer remain in its place, so women should welcome this approach.

A member of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution said in response to whether the hijab is an obstacle to women’s progress: In 1314, many newspapers ran headlines that in order for Iran not to lag behind the caravan of civilization and achieve greatness, women should remove the hijab like Westerners. They said that if you want to have science, you have to get naked, but the important question is, was progress made with this approach? In comparison, from the beginning of the revolution, the Islamic Republic went towards the hijab. Now the question is, did the hijab stop it from progressing? Today, many university professors and top students in the country are from the women community, many skilled and powerful doctors are women, so nudity has nothing to do with progress.

He continued: Islamic Iranian clothing should be such that women can maintain their independence, the West does not tolerate the clothing of Iranian women because of this reason, which believes that everyone should ask permission from her, of course, in the current situation of our society, despite the fact that the hijab should be worn. It should be taken seriously, it should not be the case that the nation becomes divided into two lines against each other, because the enemies of Iran want to create two factions in Iran, so we must be careful to implement the law so that the society is not drawn into conflict with important goals such as independence.

Haddad Adel said: I send my greetings to the women who have shown their loyalty to chastity, shame, modesty, Islamic law and Islamic government by keeping their hijab, even if according to the Supreme Leader’s interpretation, their hijab is weak.

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