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According to Tejarat News, according to experts, accelerating the process of providing land and building units of the National Housing Movement Plan, employing the private sector, providing construction materials directly from factories, accepting the capacity of applicants and the actual price of the units based on economic conditions, can be part of the effects. To reduce the inflation of the National Housing Movement project.

Simultaneously with the arrival of the new Minister of Roads and Urban Development in this ministry, the effort to increase the land capacity of the National Housing Movement project has started. This plan is actually one of the biggest agendas of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development. The emphasis of the members of the parliament regarding the implementation of the law on the jump in production and housing supply during the vote of confidence in Mehrdad Bazarpash shows the importance of this project.

Due to the issue of inflation, it may not be possible to take any special action to reduce the finished price of the National Housing Movement units, which according to the authorities has now reached 7 to 8 million tomans per meter, but definitely speeding up the implementation of the works can protect the project from some future inflation. has it. Of course, projects such as credit cards for building materials and purchasing inputs directly from factories, which were promised before this, were not carried out as they should and maybe in the National Housing Movement plan.

The disproportion of the construction cost with the ability of the applicants

Investigations show that the figure of 7 to 8 million tomans for each square meter and the deposit of 200 to 400 million tomans does not match the economic capacity of the applicants of the National Housing Movement Plan. Therefore, there is no choice but to move forward with the plans through a bank loan. But in the last 16 months, the banking system has fulfilled only 39 thousand billion tomans out of 360 thousand billion tomans of its commitment to this project. Mass builders have also offered to provide part of the resources for this project, but their proposal has not yet been reviewed.

The problem of land supply

A few days ago, the former head of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development said that land has been provided for 2.5 million units of the National Housing Movement. However, investigations show that there is no project definition for parts of the land. What has definitely been done so far is the provision of land for about 1.5 million units, which the National Land and Housing Organization is trying to increase this capacity.

In the meetings held between December 20th and January 3rd, 1401 in the National Land and Housing Organization, the latest status of land supply based on the information recorded and uploaded in the Land Bank, the physical progress of the projects prepared or ready to be built, the latest status of the lands identified for The sources of income for the implementation of the plan, the plans of the province regarding productivity and participation, as well as the latest status of completion of the remaining Mehr housing projects in each province are examined.

According to the latest statistics presented at the beginning of this month, about 57 thousand hectares of land have been identified for the National Housing Movement and 24 thousand hectares have been made available to this plan. This amount of land was enough to build 1.5 million units, but due to the policy of reducing the density of units, this capacity has also decreased. Therefore, the government should increase the land capacity of this project.

Allocating the lands of the city limits, transferring the surplus lands of the government agencies, using the lands of the private sector, the lands of organizations such as endowments, foundations and armed forces, among the land supply solutions of the National Housing Movement Plan, have been mentioned.

The government had promised to build four million housing units within four years. Of course, Mehrdad Bazarpash, during his vote of confidence in the parliament, stated that the budget for the implementation of this project is equal to twice the annual budget and asked the representatives to tell you where this amount will come from? Before the arrival of Bazarpash, 509,000 units of the National Housing Movement plan had entered the implementation process and 194,000 units had reached the foundation stage. Hadi Abbasi Asal, Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development, says that self-ownership units, housing foundations, armed forces, etc. should be added to the mentioned statistics, which brings the total implementation to one million units with an average progress of 30%.

Source: ISNA

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