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The first meeting of the current women’s network of Iran will be held

According to Fars News Agency, the need for networking of committed, specialized and concerned forces in the field of women and family and efforts to create a coherent and meaningful popular network that can identify the real problems in this area with a comprehensive view and away from taste categories. He did his best to create a suitable bed to heal these old wounds, and made Hina roll up her sleeves and shake the hand of all sympathizers.

Relying on God Almighty and with the help of the Imams, the Iranian Women’s Network, while presenting its programs and working groups in the field of popularization of activities in the field of women and family, emphasizes the need to create a purposeful and effective current with a popular and interactive approach. Miscellaneous within the framework of the Islamic Republic, begins its emphasis and effort.

In the first meeting of “Hina”, in addition to introducing the leading programs and goals, various guests of women and family activists from Tehran and other cities are present, among whom we can mention Dr. Maryam Ardabili, Dr. Valimurad, Dr. Farahmandpour and …

This meeting will be held from 15:00 to 17:00 on Friday, November 5, in the Arasbaran Amphitheater located on Arasbaran Street, at the corner of Danesh Alley.
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