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The full list of 13th generation HX series laptop processors has been published

Twitter account OneRaichu claims to have obtained a list of processors for the 13th generation Core HX Raptor Lake laptop. These processors are also known as Raptor Lake Mobile.

This list also includes processors we’ve met before – the 24-core Core i9 13900HX and the Core i7 13700HX. The 13900HX processor is supposed to be Intel’s first 24-core laptop processor, and the configuration of the 13700HX processor is the same as the flagship processor of the previous generation, the Core i9 12950HX. Both processors will have a maximum frequency of over 5 GHz.

Specifications of Raptor Lake HX laptop processors

In this list, other processors such as the 14-core Core i7 13650HX processor, the 14-core Core i5 13500HX processor and the 10-core Core i5 13450HX processor can also be seen. It is not possible to directly compare these processors with the previous generation, because some models have no equivalent in the 12th generation lineup. But the most accurate comparison we can make at the moment is as follows:

  • i9-12950HX → i9-13900HX: + 8 Efficient Cores, + 400 MHz
  • i7-12850HX → i7-13700HX: +200 MHz
  • i7-12650HX → i7-13650HX: +200 MHz
  • i7-12600HX → i7-13500HX: + 2 Performance Cores, + 100 MHz
  • i5-12450HX → i5-13450HX: + 2 Performance Cores, + 200 MHz

Considering the results above, we can see that we are definitely seeing some nice upgrades from the 12th generation HX laptop processors to the 13th generation – just a frequency improvement in some models, and an increase in the number of cores in some models. The 13th generation laptop processors are supposed to support DDR5-5600 memory as well, but it is still possible to support DDR4-3200 memory.

There is no information about the power consumption of the 13th generation HX processors. Of course, taking into account the similarities between these processors and the previous generation processors, it is possible to consider the power consumption for these processors around the Alder Lake Mobile processors, that is, from 55 to 175 watts.

At the moment, there is no information about the release and availability of processors for the Raptor Lake Mobile laptop, but Intel has announced that it will release these processors by the end of this year.

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