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The fundamental transformation document has a special emphasis on the issue of hijab and chastity – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr reporter, Seyyed Gholamhassan Khalili Mousavi on Sunday evening at the conference.Waqarli QizlarIn the hall of Ardabil province, he stated: Fundamental transformation in the education system is based on the lofty ideals of the Islamic system, and the realization of its sublime values ​​and ideals requires all-round efforts in all cultural, scientific, social and economic dimensions.

He pointed to the six areas of this document and said: religious, religious and moral, political, social and economic, biological, scientific and technologically And field Art is one of the most important aspects of the document of fundamental transformation that hijab and chastity field Belief and social has a special place in this document.

The vice president of education and culture of Ardabil province emphasized that the trustees, the officials of the province and the country should try to realize these areas in all dimensions, he stated: Education and culture of Ardabil province consists of many unions and organizations, among which the union Islamic students’ associations have played their role in creating the culture of hijab and chastity by being active in cultural, scientific and social fields.

Khalili Mousavi announced today’s girls as the country’s tomorrow’s mothers and added: Western countries are demanding women’s freedom. Lol The language is for deceiving women and the future mothers of this land should not buy the promises of the colorful appearances of these advertisements.

In another part of his speech, he pointed out: In the western world and all the countries where Muslim people live, hijab is a fundamental and transformative issue, and with an informed, enlightened and enlightened view, we realize that even the western world is concerned with the issue of hijab and chastity. It looks special.

Khalili Mousavi added: “Today, if the West targets the heart of the family, i.e. women, it has no plan other than the collapse and disintegration of the family, but our women will not allow the penetration of global arrogance in the bastion of the hijab.”

He reminded the wrong thinking that hijab equals deprivation of freedom and stated: Hijab has nothing to do with the spirituality of freedom and the presence of women in society, and today, if we look at the world around us correctly, 50% of key positions are in the hands of women, and this is nothing. It does not interfere with their hijab.

Khalili Mousavi announced the Union of Islamic Associations directly under the supervision of the Supreme Leader and the support of senior education officials and continued: Today, students with our hijab are considered arrows in the eyes of the enemies, and modeling and observing Islamic ethics should start from schools.

The vice president of education and culture of Ardabil province honored the week of hijab and chastity and said: From the martyrs of the beginning of Islam to the martyrs of the Goharshad mosque, all of them are devoted to chastity, hijab and modesty Our women were martyred, we remember them well and we hope that the daughters of our land will continue the path of Fatima Zahra and Hazrat Zainab.s) to be

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