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The goal of the courts in 1402 is to satisfy the people and implement justice

According to the Fars news agency’s judicial group, citing the public relations of the first deputy of the judiciary, the 14th meeting of the headquarters for the follow-up of the Supreme Leader’s orders in the judiciary was held this morning under the chairmanship of the first deputy of the judiciary and in the presence of other high judicial officials.

While congratulating the new year and the holy month of Ramadan, Hojjat-ul-Islam Mohammad Mosadegh said: Today, the first camp meeting to follow up on the Supreme Leader’s orders was held this year, and based on the reports received, last year we had a good situation in terms of holding camp meetings. I would like to express my appreciation and thanks for the efforts of the members who participated in the meetings, and I hope that the resolutions of the Batouler headquarters will be fully implemented and will bring about changes in the work of the judiciary.

He added: the existence philosophy of the Supreme Leader’s Order follow-up camp was that with the establishment of this camp, effective events would occur in the judiciary to meet the Supreme Leader’s expectations from the judiciary in the past years, especially the 8 cases that the Supreme Leader On July 7, 1401, in a meeting with the officials of the judiciary, it should be realized.

The first deputy of the Judiciary stated: It is expected that a practical change will happen in the Judiciary, especially the courts of the whole country, with the implementation of the resolutions of the camp.

He further added: “Instructions were formulated in the headquarters and meetings were held based on these instructions, and considering that we are currently approaching the deadline of July 7 (judiciary week), we must calculate what actions have been taken.”

Hojjat-ul-Islam Wal-Muslimeen Mossadegh stated: The action plan of the courts in 1402 is goal-oriented, not mission-oriented, and the most important issue is achieving the goal, and this goal is the satisfaction of the people, the right and the implementation of justice, so if we do not achieve results in some cases and We were not successful.

I have to say; The subject of this meeting was the comprehensive guidelines for honoring and encouraging in the judiciary, which was aimed at honoring the valuable services of conscientious, responsible, competent, reliable and efficient employees and creating a codified and disciplined structure in the process of encouraging and honoring employees, which by Azami, The Deputy Director of Strategic Judiciary was brought up and those present in the meeting discussed and exchanged opinions and expressed their suggestions and opinions so that the necessary investigations can be done.

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