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The great festival “Waqarli Qizlar” will be held in Ardabil – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr reporter, Hojjatoleslam Qasem Jafarzadeh at the unveiling ceremony of the poster of the “Great Festival” before noon on Monday وقارلی قیزلار“The Great Festival”وقارلی قیزلارOn the occasion of Dignity Week and the Week of Chastity and Hijab for different groups of women will be held in Ardabil province.

He said that the festival started on June 4 and will continue until July 6, adding: “Professional scan with the theme of the Decade of Dignity and the Week of Hijab and Chastity (one to three minutes of speech in the form of speeches, audio, video and video) Special sections for women, painting contest, photo writing and heart writing for girls and book reading contest for Targol book for girls over 13 years old are among the sections of this festival.

The Director General of Islamic Propaganda of Ardabil Province stated: The closing ceremony will be held on July 14 at 10:00 AM at the Ardabil Women’s Park Cultural Center. Those who are interested can send their works to 09145945370 via message. رسان ItaTelegram and Whatsapp And the winners of all three groups will be honored.

Hojjatoleslam Jafarzadeh, referring to the position of women in society, added: “The Islamic system has not been strong in targeting the exact cultural position of girls and women in society and is facing a cultural recession, which we hope with the program.” ریزی And the implementation of cultural programs can improve this position.

He said that the Islamic Propaganda Organization has changed due to the importance of looking at women 100 percent, he said: for the women’s section of society, various cultural programs have been designed, the position of women in the propaganda center has been upgraded to an independent section with many programs Fakher is known and the women of Ardabil province were able to get the top rank in all festivals in the country.

Director General of Islamic Propaganda of Ardabil Province to implement the program Bring Pointed and continued the letter program Bring Which is a cultural line platform, women can produce content in the field of women in this program. In the first part, 150,000 to 200,000 works have been produced, and the women of Ardabil province have produced more than 15,000 works, and it can be said that one thousand active women. There is a culture that produces works in defense of women in the family.

The great festival "Waqarli Qizlar" will be held in Ardabil - Mehr News Agency | Iran and world's news

Hojjatoleslam Jafarzadeh stating that the women of the program ریزی “One of the most important cultural events in the province will be held in August. It is the daughters of Haj Qasim, which is designed with the focus on Sadra school. Will be held in Ardabil.

“We hope to implement the program,” he concluded.وقارلی قیزلارIt should be continued with the efforts of women and officials and should be held annually so that we can walk around the clock with all our might to maintain the chastity and zeal of the society and fail the enemy in achieving the goal.

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