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The hand of God prevents the implementation of the enemy’s plans in the country/ the safety of the people is a red line

According to the judicial reporter of Fars news agency, Hojjatul Islam Seyyed Ahmad Mortazavi Moghadam, the head of the Supreme Court, stated in a meeting held on the occasion of Fajr decade: The day when God’s hand is visible, like the birthday of Amir al-Mu’minin (AS), is called the Day of Allah. .

He continued: When a person goes from darkness to light, he will face a series of problems, there are difficulties in this path that require patience. If a person is patient in the face of these problems, he will get a blessing for which it is necessary to be grateful.

The President of the Supreme Court said: The revolution of the Iranian people is like the appearance of Prophet Moses, Prophet Moses brought the people from darkness to light. The people of Iran were in a suffocation and darkness that they got out of that situation with the Islamic revolution.

Mortazavi Moghadam stated: In the past, despite the oppression and tortures that were imposed on the people, our country suffered from complete dependency. Before the Islamic revolution, even two people did not dare to talk to each other.

He added: Before the Islamic revolution, our country was dependent on all aspects of science, military, etc., but now, despite all the difficulties, it has become a 100% independent system. It is natural that enmities towards our country will increase in such a situation.

The head of the Supreme Court noted: The hostile media will not allow the truth to reach the ears of the nations. The whole world has joined hands to destroy the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mortazavi Moghadam stated: The plans that are designed and implemented against Iran are correct plans that are implemented in other countries but are not implemented in our country. Because there is God’s hand in Iran and the Iranian nation is wise and does not allow these plans to be implemented.

He added: Almighty God supports the visionary nation of Iran. The implementation of justice is one of the achievements of the Islamic Revolution. We seek justice in the world. There are three categories of our agents in the triple forces, the first category are those who have a sense of justice, that is, they will not stop until the injustice is removed, which unfortunately, the number of these people is very small. The other group are those who want justice as long as their interests are not compromised.

Mortazavi Moghadam said: The third category is those for whom the implementation of justice is a “desire”. If there was friendship and camaraderie, they will execute justice, which is a dangerous category.

He said: “Execution of justice is what preserves the system of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the people who stood by this system for 44 years are worthy of any service.”

Referring to the widespread amnesty of the convicts, the President of the Supreme Court said: First of all, I would like to thank the Supreme Leader. The main message of this amnesty was that we do not fight with our critics and opponents, but the safety of the people is our red line. I hope this broad amnesty is a nudge to those who were warned not to fall into this trap again.

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