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According to Tejarat News, a look at the transactions of the second week of September indicates that at the beginning of the week, although the market transactions were bullish, they were followed slowly. From the middle of the week, however, with the announcement of the elimination of the Nima currency for petrochemicals and refineries by the spokesperson of the Stock Exchange Organization, the capital market transactions came to life again.

In this way, the results of this week’s stock market transactions made the weekly slowness of the overall index upward. So that the total index reached the level of two million and 150 thousand units with an increase of 2.2% from the balance of two million and 104 thousand units.

But the growth of the equal weight index was slightly higher; So that the equal weight index increased by 2.25% last week and reached 726 thousand units from 710 thousand units. It should be noted that this week’s market transactions were mainly influenced by the news of the removal of 28,500 tomans of petrochemicals and refineries. So that from now on it is supposed that the products of these two stock exchange groups will be traded with Hawala currency.

The highest and lowest efficiency

A look at the transactions of the second week of September 1402 shows that the stock exchange symbols this week also followed the path of the last week and experienced a good rise. So that the high-yield symbols of the stock market recorded the biggest figures this week compared to the decline of the low-yield symbols.

The leader of high-yielding shares was Sedbir, which with a growth of 27% was able to reach the price of 4,815 tomans and get closer to its resistance of 5,207 tomans. The technical analysis of this share indicates that the support of four thousand and three tomans is the closest safe point for the entry of money into the share.

Also, Sedasht and Kamase also increased their prices by 22% and 18% respectively this week and reached the levels of 5,251 and 620 Tomans. The technical analysis of these two shares shows that Sedasht and Kamase are in the neutral zone in terms of buying and selling, and it should be seen whether the money inflow in these shares was enough to bring them to their resistances.

As mentioned earlier, the bearish figures of the low-yielding stocks of the stock market this week were lower than the bullish figures of the high-yielding stocks. For example, FEMAK, which carries the title of the least profitable symbol of this week, fell by about 12% and reached the price of 971 Tomans. The technical analysis of this share shows that the current price of Femak is about 70 Tomans away from its closest support. In this way, it should be said that it will most likely crown the mentioned price share.

Of course, it should be seen after that, whether money will be added to Femak’s share or not? If money is not injected into the share, it is unlikely that the said protection will be maintained.

Lowest efficiency

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