The latest details of the process of launching the international stock exchange – Tejaratnews

According to Tejarat News, Eshghi, head of the stock exchange organization, said about the international stock exchange: the international stock exchange is in the stage of completing the founders. Once the founders are closed, the discussions related to underwriting and other steps will be carried out.

The time of international stock exchange operation

He further stated: It is not possible to announce a time for the international stock exchange and it depends on the follow-ups of the secretariat of free zones, because they are following up the work, if the follow-ups are continuous, we can hope that it will be operational by the end of the year.

Eshghi in response to the question of whether the stock exchange organization is against the international exchange? He stated: “Once we have issued the license, we can no longer say that we are against it.”

Source: Journalists Club

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