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The latest situation of the former Sepahan star after the horrific accident + photo

According to Fars News Agency, 3 days ago, the website of “Al-Kura Al-Iraqiyah” reported that Emad Reza, the coach of the Iraqi national youth football team, suffered a severe injury in the head area and his skull was broken.

According to Iraqi media, the boat of Emad Mohammed and a number of his friends capsized in the Kufa River and was taken to hospital after being injured.

According to the latest news from this Iraqi media, Emad Reza’s surgery was successfully performed and the danger was eliminated, and the coach of the Iraqi national youth team was released today after being hospitalized for 3 days and went to his home in Najaf.

In the 2009-2010 season, the Iraqi star also scored 19 goals for Sepahan in the Iranian Football Premier League. Emad Reza has scored 70 goals in the Iranian Football Premier League and is the second top foreign scorer in the history of the Iranian Football League after Adinio in terms of the number of goals.

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