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The message of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance to the 15th Music Festival of Iran’s regions

According to Fars news agency, Mohammad Mahdi Esmaili, the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, issued a message to the audience and artists present at the event on the eve of the festival.

The text of the message of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance is as follows:

In the name of Allah
The art of music has come to life from the efforts of the people of this ancient land with religious, spiritual and moral foundations over the centuries, which represents a part of the high culture and art of Islamic Iran. In this way, the music of the regions of Iran as the keeper and guardian of the musical tradition of this land is a golden gem that, passing through the centuries, finds its way and hides itself among different peoples and lands from generation to generation with honesty, authenticity and identity. It has traveled like a slow stream and reached today.

A precious heritage, unifying and full of knowledge, wisdom and dignity among the ethnic groups of our beloved country of Iran, which has always been considered in the framework of active interactions of cultural diplomacy as one of the ambassadors of this rich border and environment with other nations. .

Now and in the 15th step, the music festival of the regions of Iran along the previous periods and this time with a scientific-artistic mechanism, will outline the unity of the musical discourse of the Islamic world, and looking at the ethnic traditions and musical discourses of the Islamic world, it is hoped that this The cultural rainbow represents the great Islamic unity.

This festival is an opportunity to socialize and synergize among Iranian ethnic groups by creating a platform for appreciation of these irreplaceable Iranian treasures who have dedicated their lives to the authentic culture and art of this land for many years. In this regard, I sincerely appreciate the efforts of all those involved in the 15th Iran Regional Music Festival, and my artists and colleagues in the deputy of artistic affairs, the Iranian Music Association and the General Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Golestan province in holding this festival, which is in line with the strategy of cultural and artistic development of the 13th government. I appreciate and hope that the continuation of this valuable festival will lead to greater efforts to recognize and preserve the music of the country’s regions and to honor the preservers and pioneers of this valuable musical genre, and I wish health and happiness to the servants of culture and art.

Mohammad Mahdi Esmaili, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance

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