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The Minister of Health emphasized on organizing the electronic health record

Dr. Bahram Ainollahi today, Sunday, in a meeting that was held to review the measures taken and the goals and plans of the Deputy Minister of Research and Technology of the Ministry of Health in the presence of the Deputy Minister and managers of the Deputy Minister, added: “Research is based on data We have to complete.

According to the information base of the Ministry of Health, he stated: The Deputy Minister of Research and Technology of the Ministry of Health should have a staff and policy-making role and its executive arm should be the universities of medical sciences.

While emphasizing the accreditation and evaluation of research centers, Ainollahi said: Research should be extended to all dimensions and areas.

He stressed the mission-oriented and strengthening of science and technology parks and knowledge-based companies as the Achilles heel of the health system.

He also referred to the research in the field of corona and said: “In the case of Covid 19, we are waiting for the research to be concluded and several questions in this field will be answered.”

An electronic patient record or electronic health record is a document that describes the periodic care provided by medical centers and is created in medical centers. These records can be shared throughout health centers.

Dr. Farid Najafi, Deputy Minister of Research and Technology, also said in this meeting: “In addition to following up on the measures taken in the period of previous deputies, the actions in the field of research and technology are classified into several axes, one of which is” research “. “We have made good progress in publishing articles and we are the first country in the region, but we are expected to meet the needs of the country in addition to being published in international journals.”

He mentioned the mission orientation in the field of research and technology and development of technology and production among the actions of the deputy in the current period and then on issues such as measuring the effects of research, rearranging research and technology evaluation with new approaches, preparing maps and research priorities for the disease. He noted the important developments in the country and the development of research related to Covid 19.

Najafi Networking of laboratory equipment in the country by connecting to strategic networks of laboratories, emphasizing the strengthening of ethical foundations in research, emphasizing the accurate implementation of evidence-based policy document, strengthening the Cochrane Center of Iran as the only center in Middle East, which can lead to the continuation of Iran’s scientific superiority in the region, insist on maintaining and promoting international relations using various methods (including, joint grants with other countries, encouraging the sending of faculty members for short-term courses, and Continuation of Iran’s membership in recognized scientific societies), connecting the financial resources of universities to hold joint calls, developing the disease registration system and strengthening large and multi-center studies to establish strong knowledge centers in the country and establish scientific bargaining power of research centers and University, among the future plans of the Deputy Minister of Research and Technology of the Ministry of Health.


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