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The Ministry of Communications announced the pursuit of the rights of Iranian platforms removed from Google Play

19 شهریور 1400 ساعت 11:21

Following the removal of Iranian programs from the Google Play Store, the Ministry of Communications issued a statement announcing that it was pursuing the rights of Iranian platforms.

The Ministry of Communications issued a statement in response to the removal of popular Iranian applications such as Taghcheh, Fidebo and Aparat from the Google Play Store. The statement said that Google’s action shows resentment against the people of the country and their dissatisfaction with the development of Iranian platforms.

Pursuing the rights of Iranian platforms by the Ministry of Communications

In this statement, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has strongly condemned the harsh boycott of popular Iranian programs by Google Play. In this statement, the least response to this action is the development of indigenous programs that should be considered by activists in this field. The Ministry of Communications will provide comprehensive and definitive support to the owners of local platforms at the international level. The Ministry of Communications will pursue the rights of Iranian platforms with the participation of other agencies and using all its capacities.

This action shows the existence of a war with Iranian knowledge-based technology and products in the international supply, which will definitely increase the efforts of activists in this field. A part of this statement reads:

Although in the presence of Iranian stores, such actions do not and will not have a vital impact on Iranian businesses, but the continuation of this practice is a clear sign of a new war against Iranian knowledge and technological products that all of us Iranians to increase national power in Cyberspace is becoming more determined. We believe that international interaction is effective only with full hands, and today we are proud of the efforts, power and creativity of the Iranian youth on the international stage.

By special order of the Minister of Communications, Issa Zarepour, all capacities will be used to pursue the rights of local platforms in the international arena.

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