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The necessity of creating a comprehensive database of information related to the identity of individuals in the civil registration organization of the country

According to Fars news agency, Hashem Kargar, deputy minister of interior and head of civil registration organization, this morning at the ceremony of honoring and introducing the new and old general managers of the general registry of Khorasan Razavi province, which was attended by managers and colleagues of the general registry office and officials of Khorasan Razavi province in the holy city. It was held in Mashhad, he said: The enemy’s attempt to weaken the sovereignty in various ways is especially to create dissatisfaction among the people.

He added: Those who are serving the system should be careful and vigilant and try to improve the holy system of the Islamic Republic by mastering the affairs.

Referring to the Supreme Leader’s statement that officials are servants, Kargar added: One of the goals of the Islamic society is to create people’s satisfaction, which will be achieved through selfless service.

The head of the country’s civil registration organization continued by pointing out that in the 13th government, which is a people’s government, and the president’s emphasis is on being a real servant of the people, he said: “The honorable minister of the country, while emphasizing on being a people’s person, calls for the tireless efforts of everyone in this group.” .

He pointed out that the Ministry of Interior, as an important group with sensitive missions and extensive tasks, has the responsibility of regulating the affairs and management of the country and added: The Civil Registry Organization, as one of the important governance and service institutions in the Ministry of Interior, plays a significant role in The satisfaction of the members of the society plays a role.

The Deputy Minister of the Interior stated: As an important and effective infrastructural system, the Civil Registry Organization plays a role in providing an identity to a person, in benefiting from all the benefits and services that the society needs, and in all political and economic activities. , social, cultural, etc. that a person wants to do in the society is involved.

He added: We have to make a double effort so that while the actions are completed, the word of the government being popular will be realized.

The head of the civil registration organization pointed out that the country’s civil registration organization is responsible for the country’s identity system, and the current outlook of this organization should include the needs of the country and the changes that have taken place in the society, on the need to create a comprehensive database related to He emphasized the identity of the persons in the civil registration organization of the country.

He added: “If we want to have accurate management in the country, we must have reliable statistics, so that the plans become reality, and this requires transformation.”

Deputy Minister of Interior added: The civil registration organization should be able to have complete information about the identity of a person with the transformation it creates, which will greatly help the country.

Kargar stated: Currently, the statistical system is registration-based, and if the programs are based on correct information, many problems will be solved, and this is where the role of the Civil Registration Organization of the country emerges.

He stated that he believes that according to the infrastructure provided and the efforts made, if all the information related to the identity of the members of the society and the people are collected in one place, the needs of the country will be properly met, and he said: The concentration of inquiries in the society will lead to It is possible to reduce delays and inconsistency of information with each other, and many conflicts can be eliminated, which will reduce existing hidden and obvious costs.

The head of the civil registration organization of the country stated: We must have a center to provide accurate identity information, and we believe that we must have the accurate information of all people living in this land, whether Iranians or foreigners, authorized or unauthorized, and even Iranians abroad. to be available so that we can use and benefit from it in economic, cultural, social, etc.

The Deputy Interior Minister stated: We are looking to move towards an intelligent and all-electronic organization, and all these developments will take place in the shadow of the use of new technologies.

He added: We must achieve this goal and by performing our governance duties with proper effectiveness, we must strive for the satisfaction of the people and society and the growth and excellence of the country.

At the end of his speech, the head of the civil registration organization, while appreciating the efforts and services of the former Khorasan provincial civil registry director Razavi, enumerated some of the qualities that a director and supervisor should have, and wished success to the new general civil registry director of the province and gave the necessary recommendations. presented

At the end of this ceremony, in recognition of Seyyed Hossein Neiri’s efforts for several years, he was honored and Gholam Hossein Ghanbari was introduced as the new Director General of the Registry of Khorasan Razavi Province.

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