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The necessity of preparing and compiling the country’s legal and judicial diplomacy document

According to the Fars news agency’s judicial group, citing the public relations of the Ministry of Justice, Minister of Justice Amin Hossein Rahimi gave a speech in the first national festival of international legal works before noon today, Tuesday, June 9, 1402.

In this festival, which was organized by the legal assistant of the president, the minister of justice, while emphasizing the special importance of the field of international law compared to other fields of law in protecting the national interests of our country, stated: the existence of two or more legal documents and treaties The international side has become the cause of creating legal order in the world, which is one of the reasons for the dominance system to infiltrate these treaties and try to make them ineffective.

The Minister of Justice suggested that the country’s legal and judicial diplomacy document be compiled by the International Legal Affairs Center of the Presidential Legal Office, the International Affairs Office of the Judiciary in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to protect the country’s national interests and be approved and implemented in the relevant authorities.

He listed judicial diplomacy based on the efforts made in the field of legal diplomacy and said: maximum use of the capacities of international authorities can be used as a tool to deal with the unilateralism of domineering countries, such as the transfer of our country’s diplomat from Belgium. And filing Iran’s lawsuits against the United States in international judicial authorities and succeeding in some cases and condemning the United States is a very big achievement.

The Minister of Justice said: “By forming a coalition of countries under sanctions, consisting of countries that have been unilaterally and illegally sanctioned, we can draw and formulate the legal and judicial cooperation framework of these governments to protect national interests and use the capacity of other countries.” do. It is also possible to raise the issue of unilateral and illegal US sanctions as an anti-human rights measure in international forums by using prominent international lawyers under the same coalition, and to pursue legal and judicial proceedings to compensate for the damages incurred.

Rahimi considered the use of the language of international law to protect the domestic and international resources of our country as a requirement and not a choice and said: The language of international law gives us the possibility to protect our country’s resources while having a constructive dialogue with the countries of the world. To advance the sanctions of the country’s affairs, on this basis, it is necessary to revise the way of looking at the field of international law at the level of the government, universities and legal research institutes.

The Minister of Justice, referring to the establishment of the training course for judges in the University of Judicial Sciences and the requirement for all candidates to judge to complete its three-year course, suggested that this issue be repeated in the field of international law as well, and finally we will see the training of legal professionals in the field of international law.

Rahimi considered legal diplomacy and judicial diplomacy as two important issues in the field of international law and said: In legal diplomacy, it is necessary to play an active and constructive role in the formation of international rules and norms, and while considering our opinions in these treaties and rules, it is possible Benefit from its resources as a support to protect and protect our interests.

In the final part of this festival, the owners of the best works and selected authors in the field of international law were honored with plaques.
Also, the Minister of Justice visited the exhibition of works and photo exhibition on the sidelines of this festival.

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