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The need to remove investment barriers and facilitate in the field of sustainable tourism in Kurdistan

According to the Aria Heritage report and quoted from the public relations of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Kurdistan province, Mehdi Ramezani said on Saturday, October 29, 1402, during a visit to the Sorin Baneh tourism area, that all institutions should make efforts and feel responsible for providing investment opportunities in the field of Baneh tourism.

While enumerating the potential capabilities of Baneh city in the field of tourism, the political, security and social deputy of the governor of Kurdistan stated: This region has a huge capacity for investment in terms of natural scenery and handicrafts, and efforts should be made to facilitate the entry of investors.

He stated: The people of this city, as border guards, are always on the scene, supporting the revolution, the ideals of the system and the position of the Supreme Leader, and this should be appreciated.

At the end of his speech, Ramezani called for the efforts of all institutions to provide better services to the people of Baneh and economic and industrial development in the region.

The political, security and social deputy of the governor of Kurdistan also visited the Marzbani historical bath, the Khodri bath and the old cemetery of this city, and was informed about the acquisition status and other matters related to these works.

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