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The new insurance financial statements were approved by the shareholders

According to the financial monetary news, the Annual General Meeting of Novin Insurance was held on Wednesday morning, June 4, to review and approve the financial statements for the fiscal year ending March 20, 2014 with the presence of more than 59% of shareholders. will be.

According to the report of Public Relations and International of New Insurance, in this forum, Isa Shahsavar Khojasteh; Chairman of the Board of Directors of Novin Insurance as Chairman of the meeting, Homayoun Bagheri Tadi and Mehdi Noshabadi; Shaghayegh Deilmipour, the financial manager of Novin Insurance, was chosen as the meeting observer by the participants.

Also, the representative of the independent auditor and legal inspector of Fater and Associates Auditing Institute, the representative of the Central Insurance of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the representative of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization and also Dr. Karimi, Secretary General of the Insurers Syndicate were present at the meeting.

After hearing the report of the board of directors and the report of the independent auditor and statutory auditor and responding to the shareholders’ issues, approving the financial statements for the fiscal year ending March 20, 2014, selecting the auditor and statutory auditor, selecting the official actuary, selecting the widely circulated newspaper, Determining the budget of social responsibility activity and dividing 2% of the net profit of 1400, among the shareholders, in the amount of 12 Rials per share were among the issues that were decided and approved in this assembly.

In a part of the annual general assembly of the company, Hossein Karim Khan Zand; The CEO of Novin Insurance presented the report of the board of directors and the performance of this company in 1400.

He said: “Last year, based on the pre-determined goals, the issued insurance premium reached 2,000 billion tomans, which has increased by more than 47% compared to last year.” In the composition of the new insurance portfolio, the most important issue has been to observe the balance of the portfolio and risk management and to pay attention to the field of high-yield insurance. The figure is higher than the average of the insurance industry compared to the initial performance statistics published by the industry.

The Vice Chairman and CEO of Novin Insurance also referred to the future plans of Novin Insurance and said: “Considering that the strategic plan of Novin Insurance ends this year, a 5-year plan is being developed with the focus on expanding the company’s activities based on risk management, education.” We are a sales network and employees as well as providing services based on market changes and needs.

Karim Khan Zand also announced the unveiling of a new supplemental pension insurance product in the near future.

It is worth mentioning that at the end of the Annual General Assembly, Fater Auditing Institute was once again elected as the independent auditor and the main statutory auditor and Iran Auditing Institute was elected as the auditor and statutory auditor and Al-Ettela’at newspaper was selected as the widely circulated newspaper.

Also, with the votes of the shareholders and members of the board of directors of Novin Insurance Company, the amount of one thousand eight hundred million Rials was considered as a reward for the members of the board of directors and the amount of ten thousand million Rials was considered as a budget for activities in the field of social responsibility.

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