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The order of the Minister of Guidance to support Reza Roigari / the issue of housing is not the reason for hospitalization

According to Fars News Agency, quoting the public relations of the Cinema Organization, Mohammad Khazaei, the head of the Cinema Organization, stated the following: We were in touch with Kahrizak.

He continued: “According to their wife and according to the emphasis of Mr. Roigari’s doctor, it was not possible to keep him at home due to some physical problems and disorders and he was transferred to Kahrizak sanatorium in good condition with the help and cooperation of the doctor.”

According to him, several times the Cinema Organization and my colleagues in the Cinema Museum have taken measures to support this dear artist, and visiting him has been one of my first sightseeing programs during my time in the Cinema Organization.

The head of the Cinema Organization emphasized: This morning, the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance instructed the CEO of the Art Credit Fund to be closely and personally acquainted with the process of maintenance and treatment and the condition of Mr. Roigari.

He added: “With the interactions that have taken place through the Art Credit Fund and the actions that are being taken by the Cinema and Radio and Television Organization, the problems of this artist will be solved soon.”

Khazaei said: “We will be with this veteran artist and his family.”

According to Fars, a video of Reza Roigari was released yesterday, which showed the veteran film and television actor being hospitalized in Kahrizak Sanatorium these days.

* The issue of housing is not the reason for hospitalization

Following the news of Reza Roigari’s hospitalization in Kahrizak Sanatorium, Seyed Majid Poorahmadi, CEO of the Art Credit Fund, visited the veteran actor today (Tuesday, May 26) on behalf of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance.
Referring to the meeting with this veteran artist, the CEO of the Art Credit Fund said: “Immediately after the release of the video, Mr. Roigari, the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, was asked to attend the Kahrizak Sanatorium to investigate the reason for his hospitalization and take the necessary measures in this regard.” To be done.
Poorahmadi further added: “Paying attention to the living conditions and health of the people of culture and art is one of the duties of the Art Credit Fund, and all our efforts are to support the culture and art community of the country in various ways.”
He added: “After the examinations made by his wife and the officials of Kahrizak Sanatorium, it was determined that the main reason for Mr. Roigari’s hospitalization was not housing and due to special physical conditions after discharge from the hospital, they had to be taken care of at home.” He was not available and the doctors and his wife suggested Kahrizak Sanatorium because of its special facilities and experienced nursing staff to spend his recovery period. Since Mr. Roigari was not aware of the measures that are necessary for his health in Kahrizak Sanatorium, they released this video.
Poorahmadi promised to solve the problems of this actor and said: “By the order of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, we will try to solve Mr. Roigari’s problems in the coming days.”

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* Payment of treatment costs and living packages
He added: “During the last few years, we have tried to be with Mr. Roigari and provide the necessary support to him as much as the fund can, by providing gratuitous facilities, providing supplementary health insurance, and paying for medical expenses and living packages.”
Pourahmadi, while conveying the greetings of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, emphasized: “We are fully prepared to pay for his medical and nursing expenses, either at home or to provide special facilities for his care outside the home.”
At the same time, he stated: “With the emphasis of the high official of the ministry, in the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, we will try to take any action to improve their condition and do not withhold any help.”
Also, the CEO of the Art Credit Fund, during a meeting with the CEO of Kahrizak Charity, was informed about the medical condition and maintenance of this artist and emphasized on the comprehensive readiness of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the Art Credit Fund to improve the medical and living conditions of this veteran artist. He hoped to see Mr. Roigari in the theater, cinema and television as soon as possible.

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