The payment of the renovation loan to the dilapidated tissue was stopped – Tejaratnews

According to Tejarat News, Mehdi Hedayat said about the payment of the renovation loan to the dilapidated structures: With the circular issued recently by the Central Bank, the dilapidated structures were deprived of the cheapest and highest ceiling of construction loans with an interest of 18% and they can only benefit from 23% bank loans. .

Hedayat added: Limiting a loan of 550 million tomans with an interest rate of 18% to construction on government land and excluding other constructions from this loan is both against the law and against the current situation of the housing market and against the current conditions of the cities.

The CEO of Tehran City Renewal Organization said: The recent decision of the Central Bank means that the National Housing Movement’s facilities are allocated only to constructions that are located on land without facilities and services in the suburbs of big cities, and according to surveys, the cost of creating infrastructure and services in this sector is 12 times higher. More than the cost of worn out tissue.

It should be noted that in recent days, the Central Bank announced in a circular: The Money and Credit Council has increased the individual ceiling of housing support projects in all cities of the country to 550 million Tomans in order to support the low-income groups of the society. In this circular, the purpose of which is to clear the ambiguity of the banks that pay the facilities of the housing boom law, it is emphasized: taking into account the limitation of banking resources and the goal of the legislator (helping the homeless to get a house), all the approvals of the Money and Credit Council in this regard Among other things, the reduction of the interest rate of bank facilities and the increase of the ceiling of the facility only include the housing support projects whose land is provided by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development and offered to the applicants, and the urban/rural self-ownership projects are not subject to the increase of the ceiling and the reduction of the interest rate of the mentioned facilities. .

Source: Bazaar

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