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Web3 game analysis guide for gamers

Although the hype of blockchain games has largely died down and these games are not at the top of the news right now, the world of web3 games still has a lot of potential to kick up the dust again. The integration of blockchain technology and gaming has created a nascent, open and decentralized economy where gamers have full ownership of their in-game assets. Therefore, we can easily claim that the entry of blockchain into the world of games and gaming has made this world and its experiences undergo a fundamental transformation.

In fact, whether you are a professional gamer or a user who enjoys playing and making money, the good news for you is that you are standing on the threshold of a new era of entertainment and income generation. All you have to do is choose the games wisely. For this, you must first know the best game evaluation criteria. Then, with a little curiosity, choose profitable and outstanding projects among the many options of blockchain games.

In this article from Erzdigital, with the help of something From the CoinGeek website, we refer to important points for analyzing and choosing blockchain and web3 games, and we examine criteria such as market size, native token performance, and the sentiments of the gaming community. Also, we explain the importance of following and recognizing new blockchain games; Because emerging gaming platforms often offer generous rewards and special opportunities to their first users. If the field of web3 games seems attractive to you, stay with us until the end of the article to review different methods of checking and evaluating blockchain games.

gameTheWiFi from the point of view of gamers

Blockchain games have paved the way for the creation of an emerging and open economy in the gaming industry, handing over ownership of in-game digital assets to gamers. Thus, these games have revolutionized the gaming industry, making them completely different from traditional games.

Unlike traditional games that are just closed ecosystems on centralized servers, blockchain games give gamers real ownership of in-game assets in a distributed manner. These assets are recorded on the blockchain and players can trade them for digital currencies. This fundamental change will attract both gamers and digital currency enthusiasts and can pave the way for the formation of a new era in user-oriented games.

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The important role of gamers in web3 games

Gamers play a central role in the world of web3 games; Because they actively participate in the process of building and shaping the game ecosystem and are constantly trading in-game assets. Successful games often provide transparent on-chain data so gamers can make more informed investment decisions and estimate when and where to invest in the game. This helps players to optimize their gaming experience and stay engaged in the game for a longer period of time.

Although various projects in the blockchain gaming space seek to provide attractive games for players, gamers themselves can actively monitor the metrics that affect game quality. In this way, gamers can be sure that their rights are protected and they are allowed to get more profit from their participation in the game.

Next, we mention some important criteria for choosing web3 games that gamers can consider to choose the best game. Therefore, if you are a gamer or an investor and you are concerned about finding the best and most profitable game, before entering the game or investing, be sure to check these criteria to evaluate the capacities of the games.

Market size

Market size refers to the total value of a particular market, usually measured by the market’s revenue or sales. In the web3 gaming industry, market size is a broader concept that helps gamers assess the current size of games and their stability and reputation. By analyzing market size, players can make more informed decisions about investing their time and resources in specific games.

Several important factors affect the market size in the web3 gaming industry. To determine the size of the games market, gamers should pay attention to the number of active users and transaction volume and transaction value.

Market size of top games (source: Footprint)

In the field of web3 games, the number of active users plays an important role in determining the popularity and impact of the project. A larger user base indicates greater penetration and stability of the project. The volume and value of the transaction also serves as a measure for the commercial capacities of the project and shows a reflection of the level of interaction and trust of users. It is obvious that the higher the value of the transactions, the higher the project’s revenue generating capabilities.

By considering all these elements, players can gain a clear understanding of the size of the gaming market and make a more informed decision about their commitment to the project. To check the size of the games market, go to platforms like Foot print (Footprint Analytics) you can visit and get all the data you need to evaluate the size of the game.

Some of this data includes the number of active users and transaction volume and transaction value. By analyzing game data, you can find projects that are not only fun, but also sustainable and profitable, with a strong in-game economy.

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Token performance

Another important factor in determining the trend and development of web3 games is token performance. This measure shows an increase in market confidence that can attract more gamers and even more investors to games. The native token in any game is often used as a medium of exchange in the game ecosystem.

The performance of the native token market also shows the confidence of the market and the expectations that investors and gamers have from the game. Since the value of these tokens can change based on supply and demand in the real market, it is better for players and investors to regularly monitor the performance of tokens and make strategic decisions in the game based on that.

Web3 game analysis guide for gamers
A list of the top games token data (source: Naga)

When the price of a token increases, it shows the confidence and trust of the market in the game. In this case, it is usually possible to consider the possibility of further growth of the token. Also, any game with a successful token performance is likely to be a strong game that receives long-term and stable support from gamers.

However, token price fluctuations can also reflect market distrust and potential risks. A sharp drop in price may also indicate a lack of trust in the game company, which often causes investors and gamers to lose interest.

Factors influencing the growth of token performance

The ideal situation for the price of any token is an upward slope of the price chart with moderate fluctuations. In this situation, the general opinion of the market is positive and favorable and trusts this project; But there is no news of excessive speculation among users. However, in order for the token price to grow steadily with minimal fluctuations, we need to make sure there are several components. These components can include a clear and defined roadmap for the game, a cohesive and loyal community of users, robust risk management, and an efficient token economy that is well designed and functioning.

Therefore, gamers should actively monitor game token performance; Because players can better engage and influence the dynamic economy that underpins the game itself by knowing how the token works. To track the performance of the games token, you can visit the platform Naga (Naga) and follow the 24-hour performance and volatility of the most profitable and popular tokens on this page.

Community sentiments

The emotions of the community in blockchain games are the result of the emotions and attitudes and perceptions of the players. The success of blockchain games is heavily influenced by community sentiment, which includes the opinions and attitudes and collective perceptions of players and can be seen in various social networks such as Twitter and Discord.

There are several important factors that contribute to the formation of these feelings. Gameplay experience is a decisive factor for the success of games. Fun, engaging, and valuable games can retain players and reinforce positive emotions. Meanwhile, the management style of the development team also plays an important role.

Developers who are transparent, responsive, and actively engaged with their community can create a positive environment. Market conditions and the performance of tokens also have a significant impact on the emotions of the community; Because a bullish market is likely to fuel a thriving gaming community.

Web3 game analysis guide for gamers
Top blockchain games with growing communities and positive sentiment (source: Degame)

Community sentiment greatly influences the dynamics of blockchain games and, as a result, the perceived value of in-game tokens and NFTs. When sentiment is positive, it can increase the demand and value of these assets. On the other hand, negative emotions may reduce the demand and value of these assets; Therefore, the emotions of the community greatly affect the health of the game.

through the platform digim (DeGame), players have access to a wealth of data from networks such as Twitter, Discord, and Telegram that reflect the sentiments of the community. By examining this data, players can gain a comprehensive understanding of the community’s perceptions and attitudes towards games.

Other indicators for reviewing web3 games

Other aspects such as gameplay should also be considered. Engaging games are more likely to keep you engaged for longer, allowing you to earn more and have more fun. The more time gamers spend playing, the greater the game’s ability to entertain and engage users. The pleasant feeling of progress and getting rewards can keep people engaged in the game and keep them motivated to continue playing.

Also, while enjoying the gameplay is very important, it is equally important to evaluate the monetization potential of blockchain games. Analyzing criteria such as the performance of the token economy of games and the degree of acceptance of the token in the secondary markets and the fairness of the distribution of rewards and payments can greatly help users in evaluating the revenue generating capacities of games.

All in all, we must say that balancing monetization capacities and sustainable gameplay incentives is necessary for the long-term success and growth of blockchain games.

new games; Opportunities and risks

In addition to tracking the performance of existing games, some players also take a look at new and refreshing games that can create a platform of opportunities and risks for users.

In the early stages, games usually charge a lot of money to attract spending users and early entrants are always rewarded; Therefore, early participation in new blockchain games can provide opportunities to earn rewards in the form of NFTs and various tokens. However, while these assets may become more valuable over time as games grow, the possibility of games failing in the market and in-game assets becoming devalued is also a risk that can threaten early contributors and investors.

You may need to access some data to review games, especially newly launched games. In this situation, we suggest that you check the background of the game development team and consider factors such as the token economy and the level of interaction of the development team with the user community. Also, reading the views of other users on different social networks can prevent excessive risk-taking.

Web3 game analysis guide for gamers
A list of new games (source: Chainplay)

Needless to say, through the platform Chinapoly (Chainplay), you can access a wealth of information about newly released blockchain games. This allows you to explore different options and find games that suit your taste.


The emergence of web3 games represents an exciting new frontier; But gamers should also have enough information about this industry. By monitoring important analytics such as market size, token performance, community sentiment, and new game launches, players can make strategic investment decisions and have a more complete gaming experience.

The nature of this fledgling industry is still fraught with risks that require more caution and scrutiny from gamers. However, on-chain data collection and analysis tools help gamers identify and participate in GameFi opportunities while maintaining a rational and measured approach. Although the world of web3 games is still in its infancy, knowing the basic criteria for project recognition will help users in this field to broaden their horizons and explore the potential of this space.

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