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The philosophy of declaring Quds Day is to mobilize the forces of the Islamic Ummah

In an interview with IRNA on Friday, Khalid Abdul Majid added: “This holy call was made at an important historical juncture when Anwar Sadat traveled to Jerusalem and signed a compromise agreement, removing Egypt as the largest Islamic country from the fight against the Zionist regime. From Egypt, a number of other countries also withdrew their support for the Palestinian cause.

He added: “Quds Day marches and various programs are not a temporary goal in one day of the year, but a continuous and permanent call to mobilize all the facilities of the Islamic Ummah to confront the Zionist regime and conspiracies that threaten the region and Palestine.”

Abd al-Majid said: “Quds Day is the day of the uprising of the oppressed against global arrogance and global Zionism, and every year on one day, all the conspiracies of the United States and its allies are thwarted.”

He said: “Unfortunately, the normalization of relations with the Zionist regime by some countries, especially in the Persian Gulf region and before that in Camp David and Wadi Arabah and the compromise organization in Oslo, expressed the views of the rulers of these countries and nations hate these treacherous actions.”

The Secretary General of the Palestinian People’s Struggle Front added: “These governments and rulers, no matter how hard they try to impose this treacherous position on their nations, will fail.”

Abdolmajid emphasized: “Propaganda and mutual meetings and signing agreements in order to create a new axis in the Middle East to change and divert the path of struggle against the Zionist regime towards enmity with Iran and the axis of resistance has also failed because Arab and Islamic nations know that these agreements benefit It does not have Palestine and the nations of the region, but it is in the service of the Zionist regime and the domination of the United States and Zionism over the region and a failed attempt to preserve the throne of traitorous rulers.

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He added: “The events that took place after the signing of agreements with the Zionist regime since the seventies of the last century have shown that these agreements are not able to support the throne of traitorous rulers and we have seen this in the past few years in different Islamic countries.”

Abd al-Majid said: “Today, the frightened and embarrassed Zionist regime is being challenged for hours by a young Palestinian, and in addition, the axis of resistance has shaken the political, military and security apparatuses of this regime. How can such a regime support the defender of the throne?” Be an Arab traitor.

He added: “Although the normalization of relations with the Zionist regime was a permanent stain on the foreheads of Arab rulers and a dagger behind the Palestinian people and the struggle of the Palestinian people, but it could not and can not weaken the determination of this nation in the struggle and movement towards liberation.”

The Secretary General of the Palestinian Popular Front added: “This action of the Arab rulers gave a double incentive to the Palestinian people against the occupiers and proved that the more these rulers and regimes step into this quagmire, the Palestinian nation will continue its struggle.”

Abdul Majid said: “After 10 years of struggle against the conspiracies of the United States and the Zionist regime and their reactionary mercenaries in the region, and the victory of this axis in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon, Islamic nations have risen and decided to dust these conspiracies from the region and Destroy their countries.

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He said: “This axis and its member nations with their stability defeated the biggest project of imperialism and Zionism in the region and the victory of the most important title of this axis will be in the near future.”

Abdul Majid added: “The axis of resistance is the most important obstacle to the implementation of enemy projects in the past few years and the implementation of enemy conspiracies in the coming years through traitorous regimes and compromising rulers.”

He said: “Quds and Palestine in the next stage unite and mobilize the capabilities and facilities of the Islamic Ummah to enter the last battle between right and wrong.”

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