The Premier League did not progress / maintain its skeletal independence

Yadollah Akbari in a conversation with Mehr reporter about Esteghlal’s performance in the 21st league and the championship of this team said: I congratulate all Esteghlal fans first. Also the technical staff, management and players who had a difficult and inflammatory season. The Blues had a growing trend from the beginning of the season, although they saw some rough days, but despite the unity and empathy among all elements of the club, they were able to overcome all the difficulties and win the championship.

In response to the question, what factors caused Esteghlal to win the 21st league? He stated: “It seems that first of all, the friendship and camaraderie that existed in the team, caused Esteghlal to achieve what it wants, while we have to accept strong management staff, passionate players and sincere communication between the technical staff and players, as well as good assistants.” And with Majidi’s knowledge, they all joined hands so that Esteghlal could win the championship in a good season without losing with the fewest goals and the most points.

Akbari continued: Esteghlal’s managerial stability helped the Blues a lot this season. Mustafa Ajrlou is one of the managers who talks less, but his whole focus is on work and the success of Esteghlal. He remained silent and did his job without speaking to the media every day; He was able to calm the team so that Esteghlal could go through the championship without worries and margins.

The former midfielder of Esteghlal football team said about Esteghlal’s technical performance: “The Blues played good games. Of course, a team is not always at the top and there are ups and downs, and Esteghlal was no exception, but they were able to do well with a good goalkeeper and a well-coordinated defense led by Gabriel Payne. Maybe if every team except Esteghlal lost two defenses at some point in the league, it would be severely shaken and could not succeed, but Esteghlal’s technical staff was able to cover this weakness with a reasonable purchase and calmly Imagination, continue his work.

In response to the question whether our league has improved this season or not? He reminded: the 21st league progressed in the same way, it did not make significant progress, and that has different reasons; These include the lack of a good structure, the problems on the pitch that have hit our football hard, as well as the coaches’ fear of being fired, which has made them more results-oriented and more focused on not losing points so as not to be fired by the club management. No star has been seen in our football for several years; A player who can have a great impact and draw the spectator to the stadium. In general, our football has problems that if it is not solved, we can not expect high progress from it.

The former Esteghlal midfielder noted in the end: “Let’s face it, the next season will start as well.” If Esteghlal wants to be successful, it must maintain this year’s ossification and cover its weaknesses by buying new players.

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