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The price of all kinds of coins and gold increased

to report Iran is an economistToday, each piece of Bahar Azadi coin of the new design was traded for 28 million and 200 thousand Tomans based on the price announced by the Union of Gold, Jewellery, Silver and Coin Dealers and Manufacturers of Tehran, which is a 200 thousand Tomans increase compared to the previous working day (Thursday). had

Today, 25 million and 300 thousand tomans worth of the old coin of Azadi was traded without any change compared to the previous working day.

The price of a half coin increased by 100 thousand tomans, it cost 15 million and 150 thousand tomans.

A quarter coin was traded at 10,200,000 Tomans and a gram coin at a rate of 6,000,000 Tomans.

The price of 18 karat gold per gram was announced today at 2 million and 351 thousand tomans in the Tehran gold market.

Today, the price of each ounce of gold in the world markets is 1,941 dollars.

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