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According to Tejarat News, read the important information about the latest price of imported Changan below.

In the first stage, Saipa has considered importing two products from the Changan brand with the uni-t and cs35 plus models.
What is the price of Saipa imported Changan?

Changan CS35 Plus with a 1.4 liter turbo engine with a maximum power of 158 horsepower and a maximum torque of 260 newtons. meters will be offered in Iran.

Among the important conveniences of CS35 Plus are parking brake and electric steering wheel, electric driver’s seat, smart cruise control, wireless mobile charger, 6 airbags, 360 degree camera and rear view, push button start, front collision warning, smart emergency brake, screen. Touch screen, panoramic roof, back digital amp, automatic air conditioning system, blind spot radar, rear air vent.

The old version of cs35 available in Iran currently has a price of around 900 million tomans. Considering this issue, it is likely that the price of this car will be over 1 billion Tomans after being determined in the commodity exchange.

Features of small Changan car

China’s Changan has a small car in its product range that uses an electric drive and a range of 205 kilometers.

New 2 is the name of a product of Changan company, which is placed in the class of microcars. Apparently, all Chinese car manufacturers have introduced at least one car in this class!

New 2 is priced from 14,000 to 16,000 dollars in the Chinese market. There is an interesting thing about the naming of this car because the New 1 never existed and this is one of the incomprehensible adventures that can be found in the Chinese car industry!


As you can see in the pictures, we are dealing with a bulky but very small design, which has been developed in terms of dimensions equal to 2770 mm in length, 1545 mm in width, 1690 mm in height and 1680 mm in the distance between the axles.

With such dimensions, we should definitely consider it an electric car because there is no space to install a gasoline engine. therefore; A single 30 kW (41 hp) motor is used in connection with the front axle, which supplies its energy from a 21.03 kWh lithium battery. The driving range of this car is 205 km.

In the gearbox section, like most products of this class, a single-speed sample is used. The maximum speed is 100 kilometers per hour.

The independent suspension system in the rear axle as well as the disc brake system in all wheels are other features of New 2.

Standard rims come in 13-inch sizes.

Cabin and safety

The cabin is a very simple space that could have offered better conditions considering the price tag of New 2. The features of the cabin include: non-automatic air conditioning system, push-button start, satellite navigation, LCD display in front of the driver, Bluetooth, power windows, electric mirror adjustment, etc.

In the safety department, there are things like: keyless entry, driver’s airbag, rear camera, rear parking radar, etc.

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