The price of the car was reduced by 30 million on Monday, December 19

According to the report of Economy Online car service; The car market has calmed down for the second week in a row and there is no news of astronomical increases in one day, however, observations indicate that the car price has not changed much compared to the beginning of January. A car that is 10 million cheaper today will become more expensive again a few days later and return to its previous price.

However, the price of Dena automatic became cheaper by 15 million for the second day in a row and broke the record of price reduction among domestic products.

In the following, you will read the daily prices of Iran Khodro and Saipa products and their changes compared to the previous day;

The price of Iran Khodro

Peugeot 206 type 2 price It also became cheaper by 10 million and reached 460 million tomans.

Peugeot 206 type 5 price Compared to the previous day, it remained constant and is 480 million.

The price of Peugeot 207 manual panoramic It remained unchanged at 605 million.

The price of Samand EF7 It did not change compared to the previous day and is 465 million.

The price of gear tara also remained constant and 620 million Tomans were bought and sold.

Dena automatic turbo plus price It has reached 710 million with a decrease of 15 million. This car has become cheaper by 30 million in the last two days.

Rana Panorama Plus price It reached 510 million tomans, which means price stability.

Saipa price

Pride price 111 It also did not change and became 275 million tomans. .

The price of Pride is 131 It reached 255 million with an increase of 10 million.

The price of Tiba SX gasoline box It reached 290 million, which remained constant compared to the previous day.

Saina S gear price With a decrease of 5 million, it reached 310 million tomans within a week.

The price of quick gear R Compared to the previous day, it became more expensive by 5 million and reached 310 million.

The price of the falcon reached 520 million, which means stability compared to the previous day.

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