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The process of removing checks began in non-insurance operations of Iran Insurance

According to Monetary Financial News, Ali Hossein Tahmasebi, General Manager of Iran Insurance Finance, announced this news and added: “Today, providing desirable and appropriate electronic services to customers is the headline of Iran Insurance as a customer-oriented trading company and Iran Insurance as the industry leader.” The country’s insurance always seeks to improve the processes, requirements and challenges of the country’s insurance industry by supporting and identifying new solutions.

In line with the CEO’s emphasis and understanding these conditions, the company tries to provide a variety of services in the issuance and payment of electronic damages in insurance and non-insurance operations in a desirable way by moving intelligently in the path of digital insurance.

Therefore, the “My Iran Insurance” system provides Internet services and intelligent systems for receiving and paying premiums, claims and other costs, in order to increase customer satisfaction and take steps towards the realization of digital insurance.

In this regard, the financial management of the company started several actions in recent months in cooperation with the management of information technology and statistics, and recently was able to collect current bank accounts, achieve great success in electronic payments and without issuing checks in non-insurance operations. .

According to Iran Insurance Public Relations, Tahmasebi, referring to the numerous problems that the issuance of checks, especially in the fishing system, had created for the company and customers, said: With the establishment of a new electronic payment system in non-insurance operations, including administrative expenses, return extensions Individuals and insurers and the cost of services and services that Iran Insurance receives from other organizations and companies, checks are no longer issued and all payment steps through the license and the amount of authority given to the system user, without the need for customers and based on documents. Which is sent, will be processed centrally and through an account directly for the customers.

He added: “We had several meetings with the field of information technology and statistics of the company to establish this system and to perform various steps and verification, we started this project as a pilot, in Iran Insurance, Yazd province and Tehran market branch and financial management, and then After its successful implementation in these centers, it will soon be implemented throughout the country.

Regarding the benefits of this plan, the Director General of Finance clarified: In this system, the person in charge of issuing the document, after registering the document and issuing the payment order based on the granted licenses, automatically and directly, without intermediaries and the need for a bank employee. The customer’s declared account will be deposited and there is no need to issue and send a check to the bank. In this way, about 200 employees of Iran Insurance, who are issuing checks in different centers, can be employed in other units. In addition, with the reduction of referrals for receiving and paying checks, the traffic of clients will be significantly reduced, which in itself will have a significant impact on reducing traffic and air pollution in large and industrial cities.

Tahmasebi mentioned the collection of all current accounts within the company as another achievement of this plan and said: with the establishment of this system and the integration of the payment process, about 600 current accounts will be closed. Also, in the shortest possible time (less than 2 hours), costs In the process, customers’ accounts will be processed and in this process, for once, the accounts of customers and people who are intended to pay will be controlled through the central insurance system and the central bank, and after approval, the details of these people will be registered in the system. Then, like other electronic systems, all their costs will be payable in financial systems across the country according to the issued directive.

In the end, the director general of finance added: the establishment of this system will lead to the integration of payments and will eliminate the need for customers to go to the bank and insurance to receive checks, and will eliminate the challenges of issuing and receiving checks.

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