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The program and budget organization also became ideal

According to the monetary financial news quoted by Arman Insurance Public Relations, a joint cooperation agreement between the State Planning and Budget Organization and Arman Insurance with a minimum portfolio in the field of complementary therapy in Tehran province in the amount of 250 billion Rials, at the Planning and Budget Organization with Davood Almasi The Board of Directors, Masoud Hemmati, Advisor to the Managing Director and Head of Treatment Management, Davood Salehfekr, Advisor and Managing Director, as well as Amin Suzangar, Head of Mirdamad Branch of Arman Insurance, were signed.

It is also worth mentioning that Mohammad Ali Iftikhar, the head of the Deputy for Human Resources Development and Support, Mohammadi, the head of the Center for Human Resources Development and Support, and Siddiqui from the State Program and Budget Organization were present at this meeting.

Note: In addition to cooperation in the field of complementary health insurance, it was agreed to issue insurance policies for other insurance disciplines of that organization.

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