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The purchase and sale of equity shares is subject to the approval of the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange/ the dividend of equity shares was doubled last year

According to the correspondent of Fars News Agency, a joint press conference was held today between Amir Sabaei, director of stock market supervision of Tehran Stock Exchange Organization, and Peyman Haddadi, head of the Market Stabilization Fund, at the place of the stock exchange organization.

In this meeting, Peyman Haddadi responded to the Fars reporter’s question that when will the symbol of provincial equity investment companies be opened and the purchase and sale of equity shares will be free? He said: In June this year, the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange obliged the Stock Exchange Organization to make the necessary arrangements for the holding of meetings of provincial investment companies so that these meetings are held in September. In this context, the stock exchange organization, in various meetings with the central depository company, prepared the preparations for holding assemblies of provincial investment companies and announced their readiness to the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange, but the institution that should give permission to hold the assemblies of these companies is the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange, which so far He did not give permission.

The CEO of the Capital Market Stabilization Fund also said: the reopening of the symbol of provincial investment companies is also in this direction, and the stock exchange organization is against the long-term suspension of the symbols of the stock market, including provincial investment companies, but since March 1 last year, when the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange approved that the symbol of the companies If a province remains closed, this decree remains in force and until permission to reopen these symbols is issued before or after the gatherings, the said symbols will not be opened.

Haddadi about when the assemblies of provincial investment companies will open? He said: The members of the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange must answer in this regard, currently, about 50 million compatriots are involved in the equity market. The security institutions have some points in this field that are being investigated. We hope that with the permission of the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange, they will reach a conclusion about equity shares in the next month.

The head of capital market stabilization fund on why shareholders of direct management method cannot sell their shares? Kaft: This issue also depends on the decision of the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange. Therefore, the purchase and sale of shares for 19 million shareholders of Justice directly depends on the decisions of the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange.

The CEO of Capital Market Stabilization Fund added: Adalat shareholders will earn better profits this year, and as the Minister of Economy and the head of the stock exchange organization announced, more than twice the previous year’s profit will be paid to the shareholders, and the first phase of Adalat dividends will be paid by the end of December. .

* An institution and a domestic bank applying for international stock exchange

About the establishment of the International Stock Exchange, Haddadi said: Two months ago, the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange approved that the International Stock Exchange with a minimum share of 60% for foreign companies can be established for free zones, and in the first year of its operation, only foreign currency debt securities will be traded. In this context, an agreement in principle has been issued, but so far, except for one institution and one domestic bank, no request has been submitted to the stock exchange organization for setting up an international stock exchange. We request domestic and foreign institutions to submit their request to the stock exchange organization if they can.

He also said: Of course, the idea of ​​the international stock exchange was presented by the former secretary of free zones, and we hope that the statutes of the international stock exchange will be approved within the next month or two and investors will subscribe.

The CEO of the Market Stabilization Fund also said about stock insurance: According to statistics, 10 million real shareholders have less than 100 million tomans of shares, and with the approval of the Board of Directors of the Real Stock Exchange Organization, by buying a share of one Rial, called Sahamyar, they can save the principal of their capital in a to guarantee the next year and enjoy at least 20% return, and currently 96% of natural persons present in the capital market have a stock portfolio of less than 100 million Tomans.

* 220 thousand people bought Yar shares to insure their portfolio

Haddadi also said: Until today, 220,000 people have bought 1 Riyal shares to insure their stock portfolio, and for these people, if they do not sell their shares, they will receive the principal plus 20% guaranteed interest within the next year.

According to him; After the decisions of the stock exchange organization to support the capital market, the sale of shares by individuals decreased and even some individuals were encouraged to buy shares.

He also said: For fixed income funds, a price floor is considered in 42 symbols, 80% of the value of the shares of these funds and the people who have invested in these funds will enjoy a fixed income at least as much as the bank interest. . 20 thousand billion tomans has been considered as the value of fixed income funds by the Market Stabilization Fund and the bonds of these funds are attractive for investors.

Haddadi also said about where the resources for insuring the portfolio of shareholders under one hundred million tomans will come from: it is foreseen in the 1402 budget bill and government resources are considered for the market stabilization fund and the insurance of shareholders’ shares of less than 100 million tomans. Also, government debt bonds issued by the government are part of the government’s commitment and there is no concern about them. Therefore, in the budget bill, three sources, one commitment for natural persons less than 100 million, as well as for fixed income funds and government bonds, as well as a budget line of 5 thousand billion tomans for the market stabilization fund are considered.

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