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The rate of 11 currencies decreased

According to the Central Bank, today each US dollar was valued at 427 thousand rials, the British pound at 55 thousand and 560 rials and the euro at 45 thousand and 930 rials.

According to this report, each Swiss franc today is 45,829 riyals, Swedish krona 4,274 riyals, Norwegian kroner 4,697 riyals, Danish krone 6,173 riyals, Indian rupee 550 riyals, UAE dirham 11,200. It was priced at 437 Rials.

Also today, the Kuwaiti Dinar was priced at 138,024 Rials, one hundred Pakistani Rupees at 23,622 Rials, one hundred Japanese Yen at 36,559 Rials, the Hong Kong Dollar at 5,375 Rials and the Omani Rial at 109,233 Rials.

Also, each Canadian dollar 32 thousand 969 riyals, New Zealand dollar 28 thousand 820 riyals, South African rand 2 thousand 734 riyals, Turkish lira 2 thousand 954 riyals, Russian ruble 343 riyals, Qatar 11 thousand 539 riyals, one hundred Iraqi dinars 2 thousand And was priced at 878 Rials and 17 Syrian Rials.

The price of the Australian dollar today is 30,945 riyals, the Saudi dinar 11,201 riyals, the Bahraini dinar 111,703 riyals, the Singapore dollar 30,877 riyals, one hundred Bangladeshi taka 48,756 riyals, 10 Sri Lankan rupees 28,075 riyals. Rials, Myanmar Kiyat 24 Rials, 100 Nepalese Rupees 34,332 Rials, 100 Armenian Drams 8,374 Rials and Libyan Dinar 9,100 Rials.

Today in the Central Bank of China, 6 thousand 647 Rials, one hundred Thai baht 128 thousand 532 Rials, Malaysian Ringgit 10 thousand 60 Rials, one thousand South Korean Won 34 thousand 581 Rials, Jordanian Dinar 59 thousand 239 Rials, one hundred Straits. Kazakhstan 8,252 riyals, each Georgian lari 12,541 riyals, one thousand Indonesian rupiah 2,920 riyals, Afghan afghani 468 riyals, new Belarusian ruble 13,344 riyals, Azerbaijani manat 24,708 riyals, one hundred pesos The price was 81,178 Rials, the Samanid of Tajikistan was 3,706 Rials and the new manat of Turkmenistan was 11,969 Rials.

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