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The reasons that led to the population fall / use of documentation capacity – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, citing the program’s public relations, the first meeting of the “series of events for young Iran” was held on the 20th of Mehr at the 15 Khordad Foundation, and this week’s guests were active documentary makers in the field of population.

“A series of events for a young Iran” with the presence of Mohsen Yazdi, a documentary maker and former director of the Documentary Network. David Moradian, Ebrahim Arjamandi, Mohammad Thaqfi, Mohsen Karimian and Tenni, some of the documentaries active in the field of population were held.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mohsen Yazdi expressed his gratitude for the concern of the founders and trustees of this roundtable in his words: I have been in various institutions and I feel that there is a high capacity in our country in terms of production and technical aspects in various artistic fields, which surely the friends of the documentary makers who are here are familiar with the production of this issue confirmation they do.

He added: We have become very technically capable inside, whether in the field of animation and graphics, or in the field of documentaries and other fields, for example, in important festivals of the world, Iranian works are usually featured in 6 to 7 countries, that is, Iranian documentaries. are of interest, so there is a production capacity and now this capacity should be used and the required issues should be entrusted to this production and technical capacity so that effective works of art can be produced in the necessary fields.

David Moradian, one of the other documentaries present at the meeting, added: the decrease in life expectancy, the drop in the level of social welfare, the aggravation of security problems and the increase in the incidence of social harm are among the most important issues that have led to a decrease in the rate of unemployment in recent years. having children It has been in Iran. Therefore, until the economic infrastructure in our country is improved and the life expectancy of households increases with the increase in the level of social well-being of the households, we cannot have much hope for the growth of the interest rate. having children had in Iranian families. This is exactly the place where the 15 Khordad Foundation entered and made hopeful works.

Seyyed Ahmed Mostafavi, a documentary maker and activist in the field of population, also stated: Iran today has a young and dynamic society, and this environment has made the population problems not to be seen by the public, and the general public is not so concerned about the issue called population. But it is a fact that if the country’s population growth is reduced by the same command and the coefficient having children If it is not corrected, we will suffer a population collapse. The issue of population decline is not a small issue for us to put our hands on and say what will happen now. If the problem of population collapse occurs, nothing can be done.

At the end of the meeting, in the presence of Hamidreza Alianzadegan, the head of the 15 Khordad Foundation and a group of documentary makers, 5 short plays that were recently produced at the 15 Khordad Foundation were unveiled.

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