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We have not drawn barbed wire around the radio station/no one has asked the artists to leave – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, citing the public relations of the national media, Peyman Jabali, the head of Sed and Broadcasting, honored the artists of the drama series “Ishq Kofi”, the production of a drama about events and great personalities such as the incident of Karbala and Hazrat Seyyed Al Shahada.A) considered it a difficult task and said: Usually, few people go to these works, because the copyright may not be paid well, the creator may be criticized, or because of the heavy costs, the historical work may not be started at all, or it may fail in the middle of the way. be difficult

He also said: This has made it seem that the national media, cinema and other institutions are ineffective in this field. It takes courage, high motivation, and a strong sense to make another drama about the Ashura event after several years of “Mokhtarnameh” series.

The head of the national media dealing with historical issues and working for Ahl al-Bayt.A) And he considered it necessary to transfer religious concepts to the next generation, and while congratulating the young and beautiful writers of “Ishq Kofi” series, he said: “You have chosen the best method and model to approach an event like Ashura.” In the sense that you passed by it, the shadow of Ashura has fallen and we do not see the event itself directly; But we understand the feeling of Karbala and Ashura.

Jabali also pointed out the difficulties of observing the details of content in making series about characters and heroes and said that despite all this, the audience saw and liked the work. It is necessary to appreciate the Ouj organization for its courage and bravery in making this work.

He continued: Despite some opinions about the change in people’s taste and lack of desire towards national and religious works, the result of the last two years of lived experience is that, by the way, if we work on issues related to our identity, which include Karbala, martyrs of holy defense and the revolution. is, we will have the largest number of audience, and “Mahdi’s situation”, “Ashura” and “Hosseinieh Moali” are recent examples.

He stated that if we approach these issues intelligently, artistically and carefully, they will have the largest and best audience, and said: “Eshq Kofi” series was also able to form a new taste in this field.

The head of the national media also said in response to the statement of the actor of the “Eshgh Kofi” series about the need for the doors of the organization to be open to artists: the organization is open to all artists; This is not a claim, but we proved it. Many thought that we have surrounded the organization with barbed wire; While they have come now and are negotiating with Simafilm.

Jabali continued: By the way, some artists have downplayed their presence in the national media by mistake. No one asked them to leave, on the contrary, we asked them to stay to design, play and perform. However, we respect their point of view and believe that radio and television is the home of artists who want to serve the identity and history of this nation. The officials are the servants of production and content, and you, the artists and programmers, are the main owners of the organization.

“Peak”, an example of cultural camp work

In the continuation of this tradition, Mohsen Barmahani, the deputy of the National Media Center, also pointed out that the series “Ishq Kofi” is one of the productions of Oj Media Art Organization, which I had the honor of working with for more than a decade, and said: Oj Organization is one of the examples. It is the work of cultural camp and cultural synergy in the country.

He added: theatrical productions are either produced by producers or external collections and institutions. The apex organization has tried to pay attention to standards in terms of quality and content.

Mohsen Darialal, director of the film and series center of the Oj organization, also stated that the work of Ashura is difficult, but enjoyable, and said: the feedback on the end of “Eshq Kofi” was very positive. This lovely hard work had a good team for whom one thing was very important and that was Imam Hossein (A) And it was Ashurai’s work that turned out to be an interesting experience.

Saeed Saadi, the producer of this series, also expressed that we thank God for allowing us to take a step in the path of Imam Hussain (AS) and said: “Ishq Kufi” was an Ashura work and everyone tried to ensure that the work was of the necessary quality.

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