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The release of water to Lake Urmia will be done soon/ with a decrease of one degree of evaporation, water will be stored as much as 15 Amir Kabir dams.

According to the social reporter of Moj news agency, this morning the conference of the 13th edition of the National Award the environment It was held in the presence of Ali Selajgeh, Vice President and Head of Environmental Protection Organization, Ansieh Khazali, Vice President of Women and Family Affairs and other guests in the Hall of Environmental Martyrs.

Ali Selajqa said in this meeting: What is happening in Palestine today is the fate of the oppressed people and free people whose environment has been stinking by a cancerous tumor and a fake regime for 70 years. The recent victories of these oppressed people were the fulfillment of divine promises that they were able to present a great victory to the human race with their recent successes.

The head of the Environmental Protection Organization added: the bed and cradle of peace of the Muslim and oppressed Palestinian people has been violated by the cruelest people in the world for 70 years, and every day they witness the slaughter of their women and children under the boots of the world’s supercriminals, and yet they do not cry out. It does not come from the world. Nevertheless, this oppressed nation was able to achieve recent victories by following the example of the Islamic revolution of Iran, the messianic tail of the great architect of the revolution, and using the guidelines of the guardian of the world’s Muslims, and achieve a success that will be hacked in the pages of history.

Saying that we consider the coincidence of these great victories with the National Environment Award as a good omen, Selajgeh stated: I am happy that today in your company are those who are interested in and concerned about the environment, including the media, industrialists, miners, environmental activists, people of literature and culture, and I am all nobles and veterans of the environment.

He said: I am grateful to my colleagues who implemented this national award, which should have been held legally, after 5 years. Also, I would like to thank the participants and award winners because they have taken creative steps to protect the environment.

Man has upset the balance of the environment equation

The vice president considered the issue of the environment as a transaction and said: the environment is an equation whose dependent variable is the environment and its independent variables are a set of actions of humans and nature in different ways. That is, both nature is on the second side of the equation and human action is what forms this equation.

Selajgeh added: This equation has become unequal in the current conditions governing the earth. That is, the second part of the equation, which is the natural and human variables, somehow made this equation out of balance. Currently, we see the various forms of the reaction of this imbalance of the equation in the form of residues, climate change, global warming, the reduction of plant and animal biodiversity and the negative effects they have on the human psyche.

The head of the Environmental Protection Organization stated: If we ignore the law of conservation of energy, this law states that the two sides of the equation must be equal to each other, but here there is a waste of energy, which is due to the second side of the equation.

Selajgeh considered the problem of waste as one of the environmental threats to all the countries of the world and said: 1.3 billion tons of garbage are produced in the world every year, which means that we have 3.5 million tons of garbage a day. In our country, 18 million tons of waste are produced every year, which is a worrying statistic.

He stated: The loss of more than 75% of the world’s wetlands in the last 50 years, the reduction of plant and animal biodiversity, the wastage of water resources, etc. All are examples of the unfortunate conditions of the world’s environment.

By reducing evaporation by one degree, water is stored as much as 15 Amir Kabir dams

Pointing to the decrease in rainfall and precipitation in the country, the vice president said: The amount of precipitation in our country was 413 billion cubic meters, but recently it reached about 400 billion cubic meters, of which 270 billion cubic meters evaporate.

Selajgeh explained that if the Ministry of Jihad, Agriculture and the Ministry of Energy can reduce only one percent of the evaporation of rainfall in the country, we will save as much water as 15 Amir Kabir dams in Karaj. This reduction of evaporation is completely possible and can be achieved based on scientific methods.

Pointing to the melting of huge glaciers as another challenge of the world’s environment, he said: global warming has caused this to happen and its speed is such that maybe in the next few years there will be no country called Maldives on the land of the earth. and completely submerged. Also, the country of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean and in the south of the Indian peninsula is also likely to be completely submerged in the next few years.

He stated that the global warming in our country has increased the average temperature by 1.5 degrees Celsius, which in some places reaches 2.7 degrees Celsius, and emphasized: In addition, the role of humans as a catalyst and An accelerator has led to an increase in the speed of impact of these phenomena.

The head of the Environmental Protection Organization conveyed the greetings of the President to the attendees and especially to the winners of the National Environment Award and said: Fortunately, in our country, which has a very strong local knowledge background and is led and managed by knowledgeable people, despite all the ups and downs that affect the environment life, we have been able to overcome many problems. According to the emphasis of the honorable president that any development is dependent on the environment, the issue of the environment is being pursued more seriously than ever in the 13th People’s Government.

Selajgeh continued: This quote by the president that development is dependent on the environment and the approach that has been created in the government has caused disagreements and scientific challenges among some economists and environmentalists, and the question has arisen as to how You can save the environment when there is poverty and the economy is in disarray.

Environment is not an obstacle to development

He emphasized: The role of the Environmental Protection Organization is to create this balance, and the organization does not seek a one-sided approach to protection in any way, and despite the fact that it has protection on its agenda, it does not prevent development.

The vice president added: This lack of balance that has been created is also stated in the Quran that everything that has been created is in line with the best use of creatures and the growth and development of mankind. The Environmental Protection Organization has the role of balancing the equation that I mentioned earlier, and these conflicts of views that sometimes exist between economists and environmentalists, force us to choose the best path, where humans are the best creatures of the path. to go through its evolution and the infrastructures of life can serve and improve for the desired benefit.

The 13th government seeks to popularize the environment

Selajgeh stated: In this regard, when we look at what happened in the program of the revolutionary people’s government, the discussion of participation and the people’s establishment of the environment, which is also mentioned in the 50th principle of the constitution, is a basic agenda in the government. will be

Stating that the environmental organization has a coordinating role between the government and the environment, he said: We believe that if there are no people, no problem will be solved and nothing will happen, and in this regard, we have created more than 2000 environmental houses. These houses are a platform for exchanging opinions with environmentalists.

The head of the Environmental Protection Organization emphasized on popularizing the environment and said: If we pay attention to the slogans of the environment in the collection of the year’s slogans, last year the slogan of the organization was “the environment of the basic, smart and technological people”. If we can take good steps in the direction of these people being the basis of the country’s environment, many costs will be saved in the country.

Releasing water to Lake Urmia

Referring to Lake Urmia, Selajgeh said: We will definitely have the release of water to Lake Urmia from the dams that are being opened by the end of this month, and we are expecting that soon, maybe this week or next week, with the presence of the president himself or May his first deputy be fulfilled.

50% improvement in Saravan waste management

He stated that very good steps have been taken in the country regarding issues such as waste, effluents and pollutants, and said that great things have been done in the country regarding the issue of waste, such as the establishment of the National Waste Headquarters and obligating the institutions to carry out their duties. What happened in Saravan and other places are examples of that. In the discussion of Saravan, 50% of the work was done and we regularly follow up on issues and reports of mayors and governors at the headquarters.

The head of the Environmental Protection Organization emphasized: We are solving the waste problem from the root and we are looking to implement the discussion of waste separation from the source, which was mentioned by Mrs. Dr. Khazali. If this cycle is done correctly from the foundation and from the beginning, many of the waste problems of the country will be eradicated.

Selajgeh considered the position of women to be very high and said: Women have a high position in all fields, especially the environment.

No industry can survive without the establishment of a refinery

He reminded: “Very good things have been done in the country regarding waste water treatment, and now no industry will be formed unless its treatment plant is opened first.” As we have mandated, no construction project will be started unless it has an environmental permit, no facility and industry will be formed unless its treatment plant is established first. In this area, our country has experienced very good achievements in the last two years.

We must take steps towards cooperative conservation

The vice president continued: Very good steps have been taken in terms of biodiversity in the country. Meeting with the countries of the world and transferring experiences in this field is done well, and just yesterday I had a telephone conversation with the Minister of Environment of Russia.

Selajgeh said: Our vision and vision regarding biodiversity is that we should move from mere conservation to cooperative conservation. Our protected areas are not the only fenced off areas where humans have no access. It is true that we have to preserve and promote our biodiversity, but this collaborative conservation should be the basis of the work that we have presented to the government in the form of a bill and we hope that it will be approved.

He said: We believe that management views in the environment must change according to the world’s conditions. We believe in knowledge-based environment and the environment can be successful in the world if it is based on science and knowledge.

We are looking to improve the status of the country’s environment

Referring to the role of the environment in the 7th development plan, the head of the Environmental Protection Organization explained: In the 7th plan, with all the ups and downs, good things have been done and fortunately, the honorable parliament has taken a good approach. We hope that with our efforts, we will be able to raise the environment to its rightful place in the 7th plan, which is what you, dear ones, want.

Referring to the importance of the work of the Environmental Protection Organization, Selajgeh said: In other institutions, such as the Ministry of Peace, Energy, Jihad Agriculture, etc., the variables are clearly defined, but the summation of all variables is in the environment, and the environment should be according to the equation that was previously It was pointed out, to arrange all the issues.

The international diplomacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has created global key concepts

Referring to the importance of environmental diplomacy, he stated: In the discussion of international diplomacy, the discourse of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a leading discourse based on science, facts, and untangling at all international levels, which is highly welcomed by the world community. We hope to be able to use all the global capacities in this field and according to the ability of our country and our progressive religious ideas, take basic steps and give the world keywords that will be used in international forums.

In the end, the vice president reminded: I thank all the dear environmentalists who are protecting the environment in all parts of the country and my colleagues who are organizing this event, and I hope that the family of the environment will be able to fulfill its duties with all the unkindness that it sometimes faces. do it.

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