The risk of an omicron peak is threatening / increased incidence of influenza

According to the health correspondent of Fars News Agency, Payam Tabarsi, the secretary of the specialized committee for diagnosis and treatment of Covid and the head of the infectious department of Masih Daneshvari Hospital, told the Tehran Radio Salamat program about the current situation of the country against Omicron: “This side has created a wave all over the world. We are also affected by this strain, we just need to be able to control the amplitude of the wave and the severity of the effects of this strain. So far, more than 460 Omicrons have been reported in the country, about 85 of which belong to Tehran. These numbers are not accurate and the number of samples increases as the number of tests increases.

He added: “In any case, the virus is circulating and to control it, the third dose of the vaccine must be injected and hygienic instructions, including wearing a mask and observing physical distance, must be followed.”

Emphasizing that the risk of a new peak due to the presence of the Omicron strain is extremely threatening, Tabarsi said: “This strain has a high contagion rate and a high turnover and can increase the number of patients exponentially.” Last week we had a relative increase in emergency room visits, which we hope will be temporary. We must prevent a new wave now, because if it does, it will not be successful.

The head of the Infectious Diseases Department of Masih Daneshvari Hospital pointed out that the number of coronary heart disease and mortality rates is decreasing: And lead to a new wave.

Regarding the new Corona strains, Tabarsi said: “The diffusion power of the existing strains in France was not high and therefore was not considered by the World Health Organization.” The combination of coronary heart disease and the flu does not create a new strain, but a person may be infected with two viruses at the same time.

In response to whether Omicron can be detected by PCR test? Because many doctors do not recommend the corona test, he said: “This strain can be detected by the test.” Incidentally, we need more testing right now to be able to assess the epidemic situation. There are already enough omicron diagnostic kits, and more will be provided if the number of patients increases.

“The percentage of children infected with this strain is higher than the previous strain,” said the secretary of the Covid Diagnosis and Treatment Committee, referring to the greater involvement of children with this strain.

“People who have been injected with AstraZeneca or Sputnik vaccines for doses 1 and 2 can use the same vaccine for the third dose:” MIX & MATCH studies around the world have not yet shown that For the third dose, which vaccines against the first and second doses should be used that are the best combination. It is recommended to inject a third dose and the type does not matter much. Especially since the third dose injection rate in our country is very low and in case of a possible new corona wave due to the omicron direction, we will face problems. Therefore, those who have reached the time of injecting the third dose must inject this dose immediately.

He stressed: “We do not have any ban on any vaccine for injecting the third dose.”

Tabarsi continued this radio interview in response to whether Mulnopiravir and Paxlovid have entered the country’s treatment protocols or not? He stated that the results of the initial reports from the studies of molnopiravir on coronary patients showed a 50% reduction in mortality and hospitalization. When the studies were completed, the effectiveness was reduced to 30 percent, and it was later found that the effect of this drug on people who had previously been vaccinated and had a history of coronary heart disease or were diabetic was even less than placebo. It was limited.

Regarding the production of Paxlovid in the country, he said: “After limiting the use of molnopirvavir, Paxlovid was considered with 87% effectiveness in reducing hospitalization and mortality.” After being investigated by the Scientific Committee and the diagnosis and treatment of Covid, so it became the pharmaceutical companies to move to the production of Pexlovid. Nowhere in the world has this pill been made in large quantities yet, but as soon as it is available in the country, its use license will be reviewed by a scientific committee, but Molnopiraver is not in the treatment instructions.

The head of the infectious disease department of Masih Daneshvari Hospital said about the Delta Corona strain observed in Cyprus: “These strains are not significant, but must first have a significant one-way spread and contagious power and pathogenicity.”

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