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The role of influencer marketing in tourism digital marketing

Influencer marketing means marketing through influential figures as one of the most popular modern marketing methods that flourished in the world since 2017 and has become widespread in Iran as well as other parts of the world in recent years and is one of the most effective and modern digital marketing methods. Is.

Influencer means someone who, over a long period of time and by publishing useful content, creates an acceptable personality in the virtual world for himself and has great potential to influence the opinions and behavior of the audience. The content published by him in various fields such as: lifestyle, cooking, fashion, travel and medicine has many fans and his opinions in that field are respected and reliable for followers.

Influencers are the stars of the virtual world. People who may not be known in real life, but their names are known in the virtual world and many people follow the story that these people tell them because of their lifestyle and beliefs. An influencer can be a media expert, an industry analyst, or an ordinary person who has a large following in the virtual world.

Influencers have style and ideas in their profession, profession and expertise. People who have special skills in creating content and introducing a product, and the publication of advertising texts by them can have a great effect on others.

The use of influential people or “influencers” in the tourism marketing process today plays an important role in the development of this industry, so the process of tourism marketing by these people is called “influencer marketing”. In this way of business, currently tourism is trying to find people who can influence the decision and behavior of their customers. Then, with their help, they send their product information or any other type of message that can lead to desired behaviors to their real audience.

Influencers usually share their opinions and suggestions about the use of a particular product with their followers on social networks and in this way advertise for reputable brands. The most important feature that can be counted for influential people and influencers is their ability to influence the decisions related to the purchase of others, so in this type of marketing, a person uses his communication with others to achieve his goal, which is advertising and informing about the products and services of a The industry is a specific organization or business, it uses something that has been rarely used in the tourism industry, in this way influencers indirectly introduce a product such as a sweet experience from a tourist place. Influencer marketing can be many times more effective than traditional marketing methods. This digital marketing method will cost even less than environmental advertising. Apart from the impact and cost reduction by this marketing method, even the durability of its effect is much higher than traditional methods.

Social networks like Instagram are currently the most powerful tools for influencer marketing. Many brands and companies have used and are using the power of these networks to introduce their brand. Hashtags and advertisements on popular pages and creating a complete and rich network in these social networks will lead to a multiple power of environmental advertising, especially for the tourism industry.

The role of influencer marketing in tourism

The tourism industry is one of those markets that is heavily influenced by influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is not a new method, but its use in tourism marketing has revolutionized the industry today.

Using an influencer for influencer marketing can be a turning point in a community’s tourism. This method of advertising in the society will increase the trust of people and viewers in this industry and will add them to the group of tourists and target customers. Of course, this advertising method in the tourism industry also needs criteria that must be used in choosing the right influencer.

In order to use this method in the tourism marketing process, it is better to know who is called an “influencer”. An influencer can be a real or legal person who is not considered as a business customer, but rather a funder who promotes the brand or product. By using content production, he directly introduces himself to the audience of the society.

In the tourism industry, no influencer should be ignored, even with a communication community of less than 50 people, because the power of word-of-mouth communication and the creation of an advertising network will have an incredible growth rate even with a small number, and not only a person but also a brand or an unreal identity can be an influencer. Tourism brand and services.

In the next stage, the targeting of the tourism company is of the type of influencer advertising. Selling a special tour or introducing and increasing brand awareness is one of the main goals of a tourism company in the influencer marketing process. In addition to diversity in a community in relation to influencers, another very important part of using this marketing model is the type of content produced for service marketing. Influencer marketing requires the production of completely unique and special content, and this content production must be published by the individual influencer. Of course, an influencer cannot necessarily produce specific content, and this text can be provided through a content production specialist. The most important part of influencer advertising and influencer marketing for the tourism industry is choosing the right person for this job. If you want to promote a particular trip, the best way is for the influencer to be present in one of the trips and introduce you to others.

At first glance, all companies active in the field of tourism for influencer marketing go to popular actors, famous players and people of this type who are known in the society. But sometimes and for some industries, there can be better choices. For example, in the tourism industry, using a foreign tourist can lead to better results for domestic tourism. .

Certainly, today, all over the world, influencers active in the field of tourism are considered as the most influential communication channels of tourism industry businesses and tourists, and their influence is not hidden from anyone, and if they identify opportunities and behave in a targeted manner, they can play a significant role in the arrival of tourists.

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