We are designing economical cars

According to the online economy report, quoted by Tasnim, Fatemi Amin said: “We have a defect in the production of cars that match the purchasing power of the people. In the past years, this defect was compensated by the sale of Pride, and now it is partially compensated by Tiba, but these products are of good quality.” don’t have, we have to go towards the production of economic cars, that is, cars that have a reasonable price and are compatible with people’s purchasing power.

He continued: A car may be offered at a real and reasonable price, but still some people are not able to buy it, and this defect exists in our automobile industry.

Minister Samet said: Also, in the car import regulations, we have given a special privilege for economy cars so that they can be imported in more numbers and the price ceiling is such that more people can afford it. ; The car import regulations will be finalized and announced soon.

He added: Regarding the car price, we are currently facing several types of prices, the first is the market price, which is much higher than the factory price, and the reason is that the car market has become speculative and, because the supply is different from the demand, the market price is 50 It is up to 80% higher than the factory price.

Fatemi Amin stated: Another price we are facing in the car is the factory sale price, which is determined based on the cost price, and this year we agreed with the car manufacturers to reduce the cost price so that their losses will be less.


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