The second stage of the integrated car lottery, Saturday, 25 July 1401

According to the report of Economy Online; Omid Qalibaf, the spokesman of the Ministry of Security, said: The lottery manager, “Ima Electronic Development Consultants Company” and the lottery supervisor, “Producers and Consumers Support Organization” have reached an agreement to start registration on the mentioned date and time. Car manufacturers also publish their announcements on their information bases.

Qalibaf added: The producer and consumer protection organization has made the lottery operator responsible for upgrading the safety coefficients of the mega system and this company has obtained all the necessary approvals, including the Owasp2021 certificate, from the competent authorities.

The spokesman of Samat said: The results of the lottery will be announced from the end of the registration period, up to one week at most, and the reason for this time is to match the information and data of the registrants with the population youth plan and control the eligibility.

Omid Qalibaf added: The conditions of registration in the second stage of integrated car allocation are the same as the first stage, and the car quota of Jamiat Youth Plan is also applied in this stage.

In conclusion, he said: In addition to the support organization, other regulatory and governance institutions supervise the process of registration, lottery and announcement of results.

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