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The share of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the economic circulation of the region will increase

According to Arya Heritage report, Seyyed Ibrahim Raisi today, October 20, at the opening ceremony of the Shiraz-Isfahan freeway, described this project as a source of pride and said: The Shiraz-Isfahan freeway was built for the well-being of the people and to complete the route from the north to the south of the country.

He stated that this freeway is a sensitive section and the technical work done on it is appreciable, he added: Various departments and agencies and ministries have participated and accompanied in the construction of this freeway so that it can be put into operation as soon as possible and jihadi work has been done in this direction. It should be appreciated.

Stating that the implementation of this project seeks the satisfaction of the people and God, Raisi added: It is very important that the people who pass through this area and route are satisfied and feel that their traffic has been facilitated.

Remembering that saving time with the opening of this project is very good, the president of our country added: things should be done that save time, that is, our work should be done in a way that reduces cost and time and increases productivity so that people can better Use these measures.

Shiraz-Isfahan freeway should be completed towards Bushehr

Emphasizing that the freeway route to Bushehr must be followed, he asked the Ministry of Roads and the Governor of Bushehr and all those involved in the freeway to do their best to continue this work and reach Bushehr and complete the route, that is, the route to the Shiraz highway. reach Bushehr.

Stating that this route can complete the work and complete the north-south route of the country, Raisi added: The Shiraz-Isfahan highway should be named after Hazrat Shahcheragh (pbuh) because he is the beacon of the way in this region and the Shahcheragh highway should be (A) from Shiraz to Isfahan and from Shiraz to Bushehr should be completed and used by the people.

The president also appreciated the efforts of the engineers and workers who worked hard in the construction of the Shiraz-Isfahan freeway and the patience of their families and added: The railway and road works, which can be expressed from a technical point of view, have been done well and these are lasting works for the country. and are a symbol of innovation, creativity and efforts of Iranian engineers.

Emphasizing that the memory of those who lost their lives for the well-being of the people and serving the people should be honored so that some of the problems of the people can be solved, he said: We need jihadi work and efforts in the country. All those who are serving in this country and anywhere today should know that they should double their efforts.

Raisi stated that today he can call the holy system of the Islamic Republic an advanced and technological country, and added: We must prepare a series of infrastructures. The surrounding countries always emphasize that today the easiest, cheapest and most reliable route is the route of the Islamic Republic of North and South and East and West.

The president emphasized: Islamic Iran can be a very good path in this direction, therefore, road and rail works are being followed seriously during this period and they are in the direction that we can use this capacity for the economic development of the region.

Stating that the share of the Islamic Republic in the economic circulation of the region is a high share, he said: Many good efforts have been made during this period, but it is not enough and many efforts must be made so that the Islamic Republic can achieve this share in the economic, commercial and trade conditions. have an area

Raisi considered the completion of the north, south, east and west routes as one of the important infrastructures in realizing this and added: “Rail routes are also very important in this regard.”

The President clarified: Today it is clear to everyone that Iran is strong thanks to the presence of people in various scenes, as well as the blood of martyrs and generals of Rashid Islam and the expert, pious and strong-willed forces, and power has been generated in this country.

He reminded: “Today, the Ministry of Defense produces missiles and UAVs, and builds highways and freeways for the people and works on railways.” The IRGC and the army are the same, and all of them serve alongside the people to solve people’s problems, that is, they both produce power and serve the people.

Power production is not only in the field of military industry

Emphasizing that the production of power is not only in the field of military industry, but also the production of power in the presence of people in the scenes, and these are all manifestations of power, added: As the armed forces produce power in various fields, these are very proud for us. , they are also present in the service of the people.

The president stated that we are proud of the generation of power that the mujahid youths in the region do to defend their land, homeland and people, and said: What is being done in Palestine today is a mujahidan movement that is truly a symbol of the generation of power to defend the homeland. , the people and the region, and these actions are always an honor for us and other Muslim nations.

He said: Today, the Zionist regime is not an opponent of the mujahid youth of Palestine, so they are dropping bombs on the defenseless people of this country. It is not an effort to win, it is a failure if a person wants to side with the women and children of the people.

Raeesi continued: The protection of this generation of power, which was carried out under the guidance of the leadership and with the presence of the people in our country, is that we make a mujahidan movement to reach the top and do not allow any fatigue in ourselves, and no fatigue should be allowed, and we must make a mujahidan movement. He continued as the supreme leader of the revolution said that we are close to the top and this is the truth.

In the end, the president stated that many measures are being taken in the country and said: In some areas, the entire city and region have become workshops and work is being done. Electrification, water supply, completing roads, organizing rails, etc. all produce power in the country.

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