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The silence of the Ministry of Sports about the events of weightlifting / federation that is not intended

According to the sports correspondent of Fars News Agency, the situation of the weightlifting federation these days is critical and with the current situation, there is not much hope for a change in the situation in this field. Everything is in disarray and chaos, the smoke of which will go mostly in the eyes of the champions, athletes and coaches of this field.

Apparently, the only thing that does not matter to Ali Moradi as the president of the federation is peace and success in weightlifting, and it is not clear what goals he is pursuing in this field, so much so that everything has been abandoned and the country’s weightlifting has sunk into the swamp. A boss who has to inject calm into this field and get everything in order has become the cause of disorder and loss of peace by stirring up events.

The conditions of weightlifting camps have not been defined for a long time and the nationals are deprived of the minimum facilities. When no attention is paid to the current situation and no action is taken to improve things, the result is what happened on Wednesday and the nationalists left the army, but in a thoughtful action, the president of the federation as a father instead of sitting at the feet of his children And to solve their problems, he threatens them as if they had a great desire.

Ali Moradi’s actions went even further than threats, and he fired him immediately after a critical interview with national team coach Mohammad Hussein Barkhah, who supported the national team and demanded their rights. Ask for an interview with Fars Here look.)

Barkhah had said in his speech: “Two months ago, I was the first person to talk to Moradi, the president of the federation, to solve the problems. We tried very hard not to have problems before the World Cup in Uzbekistan, but nothing happened. However, holding a camp in Azadi Stadium is not very suitable for adults. “This requires the federation’s staff to work, but this sense of cooperation and cooperation is not seen and does not exist in the federation.”

What is clear is that there is not much demand for nationalist talk and action. They are looking for the minimum facilities to be able to train well to raise the Iranian flag in the international arena, but apparently the president of the federation As much It does not tolerate criticism and requests. He is in the throes of retirement and has faced a lot of criticism from champions, coaches and veterans, but the point to consider is the silence of the Ministry of Sports in the crisis that has arisen in this field.

According to Fars, the asylum of an athlete, the abandonment of the camp by the national team and now the dismissal of the head coach of the national team in just one month and the weightlifting of the country has faced a serious crisis. In this situation, the Ministry of Sports must work and can not pull its foot away to do whatever it wants in this Olympic discipline.

The silence of the Ministry of Sports about the events of weightlifting / federation that is not intended

The serious demand of the weightlifters is for the Ministry of Sports to address the current situation. “The former weightlifting secretary says: “I hope the Ministry of Sports will get rid of Tir in the Decade of Dignity and save weightlifting from this situation. “The Ministry of Sports has done a great disservice to weightlifting if it takes action to get Moradi gone.”

With this management situation, it seems that the weightlifting federation can not achieve its goal.

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