We do not allow the import of luxury cars

Online economics quotes ایسناRegarding the need for the price of imported cars to be equal to Iranian cars, Seyyed Ali Mousavi said: “We should not let the import mafia, which exists in other goods, come to the future import of cars.” Potential car monarchs must be stopped. We should never allow cars over $ 25,000 to enter the country.

Car imports are for the middle and poor class of society

This member of the Industries and Mines Committee of the 11th Majlis emphasized: We gave permission to import cars so that we could break the heavy price of Iranian cars. On the other hand, we had to meet the needs of the market. The upper deciles of the society can provide any car they like. Therefore, car imports should be done for the middle and poor class of society. Buying a cheap quality car is the right of these classes.

The ban on the import of luxury cars increases the quality of Iranian cars

The representative of the people of Malekan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly stated: car import will create a quality competition between domestic and foreign car manufacturers. The Iranian manufacturer must improve the quality in competition with similar foreign cars in order to be able to compete with that product and ultimately make a profit. Therefore, the ban on the import of luxury cars increases the quality of Iranian cars.

In the end, the member of the East Azarbaijan Provincial Assembly informed the parliament about the promise not to import cars over $ 25,000 and said: “The parliament promises to stand against the car mafia in order to support the middle and lower deciles and not allow certain groups of cars over 25” They want to import thousands of dollars and try to prevent competition between Iranian cars and foreign cars at the same price, while making huge profits.

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