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The sound of Alireza Mashayekhi’s works is heard in Argentina

According to Fars News Agency, the concert tour of the “Abstract” project has started. This collection of Alireza Mashayekhi’s works includes recording, performing and publishing the artist’s flute and piano works from 1973 to 2020. Alireza Mashayekhi’s flute and piano piece called “Abstrectum” of Opus 300 is also one of the pieces in this collection, which was written by Clarice Keshavarz; Presented by flute player and farmer and pianist Olga Klyankina in this project.

The artistic management of this project is also Amin Sharifi; He is the director of Petrikor Music Publishing. Sonata for flute and piano number one (1973), sonata for flute and piano number two (2002), sonata for flute and piano number three (2007), and “Abstract” piece by Alireza Mashayekhi for flute and piano ensemble. are.

The recording of this collection of works for the winter of 2021 has been completed and now its publishing stages are underway. Thus, the album of these works will soon be available in Iran and around the world. It is worth mentioning that the parts of the “Abstract” project were formed under the influence of the composer’s concept of “multiculturalism” and the concept of multiculturalism in music was inspired by Alireza ﻣﺸﺎﯾﺨﯽ in 1970 ﺗﺼﻨﯿﻒ ﺗﺼﻨﯿﻒ ari ﻣﺎﻧﻨﺪ ﺷﻮr و and ﺷﺮ و و ﻏﺮ »ﮐﻪ inspired by و و ﻣﻮﺳﯿﻘﯽ ﮐﻼﺳﯿﮏ ﻏﺮﺑﯽ O, introduced in ﺳﻄﺢ International.

ﭘﯿﺎ ﺑﺮ ﺑﺮ ﭘﯿﺎ ﺳﺎ ﺳﺎ ﭘﯿﺎ ﭘﯿﺎ ﭘﯿﺎ ﭘﯿﺎ ﭘﯿﺎ ﭘﯿﺎ ﭘﯿﺎ ﭘﯿﺎ…………………………………. This thinking led to the invention of Alireza Mashayekhi’s “complementary theory”. “Eri ﻣﮑﻤﻞ” paved the way for the creation of works.

The first concert of the “Abstract” project will take place today, Saturday, September 18, at the 13th edition of the World Flots Festival in Argentina. The festival is being held virtually this year due to the conditions of the Corona epidemic. The second concert of this project will be performed on October 5 this year at the New Brazil Music Symposium.

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