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According to the Mehr correspondent, the Wrestling Federation has high hopes that with the continuation of the increasing trend of global vaccination in the coming months, the country’s conditions in terms of fighting the Corona virus will improve so that the activities of the wrestling halls will start fully and normally.

In this regard, the trustees of the Wrestling Federation, with a special focus on the future plans of the youth and youth teams, intend to start the program of these teams from the second half of the year. Also, the wrestling federation will decide according to the termination of the contract of the head coaches of these teams according to the conditions of each team.

Confirming the news, Mohammad Ibrahim Emami, spokesman for the Wrestling Federation, said: “The federation has programs for all age groups, and efforts were made to implement programs for different categories due to the spread of the corona virus and the restrictions imposed.” Of course, due to the importance of holding a camp for national wrestling teams on the eve of participating in the Olympic Games, we were able to start work by obtaining the necessary permits in early September of last year.


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