The stock market continued to turn red / negatively traded on the Wayne Stock Exchange

According to Tejarat News, the total stock index is in the middle of the market with about 10 thousand drops (0.77%) in the channel of one million and 366 thousand units. The homogeneous index is also falling behind the overall index and is currently 0.55% negative. While almost all groups are declining, the symbols of steel, shepherd, car and family are at the top of the market negatives.

Ali Assari, a stock market expert, said: “Today’s market started its work with a relatively low number.” After a while, it became positive and negative again. The Vienna talks remain one of the main drivers of the market. According to the contradictory news that was broadcast from Vienna yesterday about the possibility of reaching an agreement, its impact on the price of the green dollar dollar was observed.

He continued: “The stock market reacted to the news of the Vienna talks and became negative.” This decline is likely to continue for some time, but with the release of headlines and the stabilization of the situation, the positive market will continue to operate. Given the volume of negatives to the middle of the market is unlikely to return at the end of the day. But the market may improve next week. Of course, provided that good news is transmitted to the market by politicians.

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