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The twelfth attempt of “Iranian Theater Four Seasons” to improve the text in the theater

According to the theater reporter of Fars News Agency, one of the most important problems of theater and performing arts, whether in cinema or theater in Iran, is the issue of text and story. This problem is more evident in the play, because in the end, even if it is an adaptation, the text must have a local flavor in the cinema.

But in the theater, since the performance of foreign texts has become customary and established, and it is even considered the work class of theater directors, half of the performance is usually the performance of foreign texts: from Shakespeare, Ibsen to Beckett, Painter and David Mamet and… without Attention to the relationship of those texts with the Iranian Islamic culture of our people.

Since art can make the most impact when it touches the lives of the people of its time, the need for National Day plays is an urgent need.

On the other hand, one of the problems of other performing arts in the country is “Tehranism”, that is, most of the plays and screenplays take place in Tehran, and the writers are reluctant to live in Tehran for the possibility of appearing in theater and cinema. Certainly, writing native plays in any part of the country according to the culture and customs of the same region can be a great cultural contribution for the country.

A comprehensive playwriting training project outside the capital called “The Four Seasons of Iranian Theater” has been launched to fill this need. Ayoub Agakhani, as the designer and supervisor of the project, said: “The task of the theater has not changed for a long time; Considered and constructive leadership of the society towards a safer space and a more correct and proper place. The studies and research office of the performing arts center of the art field, in the new era of this educational project, clearly looks outside the capital and strengthening the foundations of drama writing with a centripetal policy.

The twelfth period

The twelfth call for educational project “Four Seasons of Iranian Theater” was published.

The Studies and Research Office of the Performing Arts Center of the Art District published the 12th call for the project of teaching playwriting to those interested outside the capital under the title “Theatre and Superstitions in Popular Culture”.

Ayoub Aghakhani, the director of the study and research office of the performing arts center of the art field and the designer and manager of the “Four Seasons of Iranian Theater” project, announced this news and added: “Fortunately, this educational project continues with remarkable and noteworthy results and with the support of the performing arts center.” The honorable Surah Mehr Art and Publishing Department is trying to raise the level of playwriting in the country as much as it can.

The following is stated in the text of this call:

Calling for the 12th round of the “Four Seasons of Iranian Theater” project

“Theatre and Superstitions in Popular Culture”

We do not say this. Flip through the date. Iran’s intellectual, ideological and strategic foundations have always been threatened by a deadly virus in all periods of its history, and it continues to draw swords and organize its armies.

Many say that this line-up is rooted in an organized and malicious and misbehaving matter. That with the “superstition” virus, all the organs of Iran and Iranians have been targeted by the evil hands of the history’s landscapers, and some people are sitting in the dark, holding a cigarette in the corner of their mouth, smoking, and the weakening of our body and soul in the fight against this virus. They watch with a smile.

Theater, especially the field of creation and writing, has always had the mission of injecting awareness into the wounded society around it.

And if we are honest, the most vulnerable parts of the society for the penetration of this terrible virus have always been the popular culture.

In the twelfth step of the national comprehensive project of teaching drama writing to those who are interested outside the capital, we have decided to lovingly and sincerely ask the hands who are able to take a pen and write on the screen, this time, they should focus on identifying these fields, their pathology and Investigate its destructive effects.

We hereby invite all friends and like-minded people who are interested in playwriting and participating in the process of this project to submit their brief ideas (up to one page) by the end of September 1402 to the permanent secretariat of this project, i.e. the study and research office of the performing arts center in the field of art through email address so that after the approval of the faculty members of the chapter, they will start writing their first completed versions, so that the next steps, i.e. workshop, modification, rewriting, and finally printing and, as a result, presenting and publishing it all over Iran to experience

May the soul, body, mind and soul of Iran and Iranians and their beliefs and thoughts remain safe and secure with all their national, religious, historical and religious roots.

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